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10 Awesome Design Hostels in Europe, the social hostel booking platform, collected 10 Design Hostels in Europe you should not miss!

Design Hostels are popping up all over Europe and they are getting more popular than ever before. These hostels are not just a well-designed hostel type of accommodation. They are a mirror of the local design and art culture, combining the beauty of design with a comfortable atmosphere of a hostel. And Design Hostel does not necessarily mean “white furniture” and fancy interior design. It’s the full package of design, art, atmosphere and attention to details.

 1.  Clink78, London, UK


Colourful, hip and modern! The Clink78 is a Top Design Hostel right in the centre of London. Have a beer at the Hostel integrated Bar, the Clash Bar, and sleep in colourful bunk beds. Beside the design, there are 3 more facts why this hostel rocks: it’s a former courthouse, the Clash band went on trial here and here you can sleep in a real police cell.

2. Old Kings Hostel Fuessen Design, Füssen, Germany

Even you may not know this city by name you will remember it when you see it. The famous Neuschwanstein Castle is located here and therefore the city has passion for kings and castles. The Old Kings Hostel Design in Füssen shares this passion and created special rooms such as “Kings of Persia”, and “Inka Empire”, or “Mad King”. The mad king is named after the visionary king Ludwig and included a canopy bed.

3. Gallery Hostel, Porto, Portugal


One of the most famous Design Hostels out there is the Gallery Hostel in Porto. With its big lounge, its cinema lounge and those specially designed bunk beds, the Gallery Hostel is a Design Hostel from the bottom of the heart.

4. Poco Loco Hostel, Poznan, Poland

The small and cosy Poco Loco Hostel in Poznan puts a travel theme into every single dorm and private room. The rooms are decorated with gigantic wallpapers of an Australian kangaroo, a beautiful photo from Cinque Terre, and the remnants of the Angkor Wat temple. A great hostel designed by travelers.

5. Hostel Jones, Sliema, Malta


The Hostel Jones is not a Design Hostel but a fully mind-blowing Art Hostel. This new hostel in Sliema, Malta knows how to impress their travelers. Huge wall paintings, recycled stylish furniture rounded up by a natural, authentic environment makes this hostel a special place to be.

6. Room007 Ventura Hostel, Madrid, Spain


Brand new and stylish is the new top hostel in Madrid. The Hostel Room007 Ventura puts a lot of passion into the design of the dorm rooms and bunk beds. The white furniture framed by wooden parquet flooring and the dark colored ceiling brings a special atmosphere to the hostel dorms at Room007 Ventura.

7. Das Mietwerk | Hostel Lindau, Lindau, Germany

This well-designed Hostel in Lindau is situated at the famous Lake Constance. The personal and unique style of Hostel Lindau with a sustainable approach and an intimate atmosphere makes your stay convenient and special.

8. Design Hostel Golly&Bossy, Split Croatia

It feels like a spaceship turned into a Hostel. The Golly&Bossy Hostel in Split is not just a popular spot for hostel travelers, it’s also a favored place for photographers to get professional model shootings using the hostel as a set.

9. Hello Hostel, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Situated in an old building, the Stucco Decoration and atmosphere which comes with it will rock your stay. The Hello Hostel in Saint Petersburg offers alternative bunkbeds, and a warm, well-designed lounge for a comfortable get-together.

10. Artharmony Pension & Hostel, Prague, Czech Republic


Unusual, unique, and natural! The Artharmony Pension & Hostel in Prague is focused on natural themes. With natural materials like wood, bamboo, stone all rooms are uniquely decorated.

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