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10 Fall Essentials for Every College Girl

Transition into the cooler months with these 10 must-have items.

Summer breezed by, and now there’s a change in the air. Leaves are starting to fall, all things pumpkin related are back on the menu, and suddenly you’re wondering things like, “did I leave my favorite jacket back home?!” This can only mean one thing: FALL IS HERE! For a smooth transition into the season, here are the 10 items you’re going to need.

1. Sweater

They don’t call it sweater weather for nothing! This is such a staple item for fall, because you can dress it up or down. Heck, you can even wear it to bed and wake up ready for class in it! Nobody will ever know, and even if they do, they won’t even judge you for it. That’s the beauty of fall semester.

2. Trendy Coffee Travel Mug

Cool weather means warm beverages for your walks to class. If you want to feel a little less basic with your pumpkin spice latte (no judgement– they’re delicious), use one of these adorable travel mugs. They’re also eco-friendly… You know, in case mom wonders why you charged one to the credit card. *insert princess emoji*

3. Plush blanket

Cuddle season is a real thing! For those movie nights in with the girls, you’re going to want an oversized throw to cozy up in. Cable knit and fleece are the top picks for fall.

4. Booties

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of booties! They make daytime outfits look much more put-together, and they’re way more comfortable than regular heels for a night out. Plus, they’ll keep your toes warm on those chilly evenings that turn into mornings.

5. Keurig

Because balling on a college budget can be tough when you’re addicted to $5 Starbucks coffee, a Keurig is the best investment for fall. Stock up on hot cocoa and pumpkin spice latte K-cups if you’re feeling festive.

6. Cozy socks

Every girl needs a pair of cozy, and equally as adorable socks. Trust me, it just makes hanging out in your dorm room that much more fun. Throw them on with slightly shorter boots and a long sleeved dress for a perfect fall look.

7. Scarf

Of course, a chic scarf is a must-have when heading into the cooler months. It’s great for layering, and can switch up any outfit. Not to mention, it’s the perfect travel accessory!

8. Trendy hat

A nice felt hat just screams fall! From floppy to fedora styles, these are just too cute to pass up. (I’ll take one in every color please!)

9. Candle

Warm vanilla and spice scented candles instantly transform your room into an autumn abyss. Caution: once you light one, you probably won’t be able to leave the house. Grab a good book or spend sometime reorganizing your Pinterest boards while you let one of these babies burn.

10. Tote bag

Never underestimate the power of a nice tote! Opt for plum or burgundy if you want something that’s more in season, or choose a classic brown or black if you prefer something that will last you all year.

What are your top essentials for fall? We want to hear from you in the comments!


10 Fall Essentials For Every College Girl

Jenna Rice

University of Central Florida | 20 stories

Jenna Rice is an alumna of the University of Central Florida. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy and seeks out any opportunity to travel within the U.S. and abroad. When she isn't working on her personal travel blog,, Jenna enjoys scouting out foodie spots, boating, online shopping, spending time with friends and taking ridiculous amounts of photos. Stay up-to-date with Jenna’s travels by following her on Instagram and Twitter at @ricejenna.

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