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10 Places to eat in Montreal, Canada

Best eats in a city filled with comfort food and delicious brunch

1. La Banquise: A grand classic – you can’t visit Montreal and not try poutine! You can find it pretty much anywhere in Montreal at any time of the night, since it’s a favorite drunk snack of students! Fries, gravy and cheese…. it’s basically an upgraded version of cheese fries. This restaurant is kind of like the Poutine Palace, with its expansive menu which allows you to try things like poutine with guacamole or smoked meat.

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

La Taquise Poutine @ La Banquise

2. Juliette et Chocolat: For chocolate lovers! Between crepes, brownies, fondue… everything and anything chocolate. Whether you want to order something savory and a small chocolate dessert, grab a hot chocolate, or indulge in a cocoa feast, you’ve come to the right place!

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

Milk chocolate fondue with fruit and homemade marshmallows @ Juliette & Chocolat

3. Resto Darbar: Delicious Indian food. Located on Saint Laurent below Sherbrooke, it’s easy to miss. Small and cosy, you can opt for a regular table or a meal seated on the floor on cushions for a more authentic experience.

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4. L’Gros Luxe: Looking for comfort food? Look no further. Cocktails galore, a great beer selection, along with endless fries, burgers, grilled cheeses… You can even order a caesar with onion rings and a burger popping out of it. Not for the faint of heart, but amazing for super cheap deliciousness. They also have deep fried cookie dough balls covered in chocolate sauce. Do you really need more reasons to go?

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

Tater tot poutine @ L’Gros Luxe

5. Burger Royale: Best burger place in the world. I will recommend this time and time again, because I’m a vegetarian and they make a killer veggie burger. Incredible mac and cheese, an extensive burger menu, and as many tasty toppings are you can imagine – this place might be heaven.

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

Mushroom Melt Burger with mac and cheese @ Burger Royale

6. Freshii: Because this list is all carbs, I had to add a healthy option. Freshii has vegetarian and vegan options, and comes as cheap as $5 if you choose their daily special. Burritos, salads, soups, sandwiches… and filled with delicious greens! Detox time.

7. Bagels Etc.: Back to carbs! You have to try a Montreal bagel, even if as a New Yorker I am programmed to think that they are inferior to New York bagels. Get some eggs benedict, an omelet, or a classic bagel and cream cheese in this cosy brunch place.

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

Eggs Florentine @ Bagels Etc.

8. Cafe Parvis: A little on the pricier side, this cafe serves pizzas and salads in a beautiful setting. Wooden tables, lots of plants, and great service, it’s the perfect place for a large group or a birthday party.

9. Beauty’s Luncheonette: Classic brunch: pancakes and bacon, omelets and home fries – all with a side of milkshake or bagels. The owner is now in his 90’s and has owned the diner for over 40 years, and still gets up every morning to open the restaurant! Family owned and comfortable vibe.


10. Amelia’s: Previously Amelio’s, the restaurant was taken over by his daughter and still serves the best Italian food around. Pizzas, pasta, and BYOW will ensure a filling and amazing evening with friends.

Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

Florentine pizza @ Amelia’s


Carla Borderies Restaurants Montreal

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