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10 Places You May Not Know About In NYC

Make your next trip an adventure you’ll never forget.

By Anthony Clayton, Guest Author.

Everyone should make plans to visit New York City. Residents and tourists alike may be surprised at the hidden gems in plain sight throughout the city. Not only are there plenty of sightseeing opportunities to gain a better appreciation of art and history, but chances to eat some tasty cuisine and even learn about NYC while on a central park tour. Check out these cool places on your next trip.

1. 520 Madison Ave. may seem like just another corporate sector with office space. There’s a concrete wall on display that may seem out of place. This slab is a piece of history. A section of the Berlin wall with graffiti from French artist Thierry Noir.

2. Grab a snack in Central Park. There are several mobile vendors throughout the park serving up some amazing foods. Get a tasty chili topped hotdog or a scrumptious waffle smothered in berries, chocolate, and whipped cream.

3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a giant castle-like Roman Catholic Church on 5th Ave. Not only is the building a wonder to behold but the inside is just as awe-inspiring. It’s across the street from the bright lights of Rockefeller Center and the bold sounds of Radio City Music Hall.

New York St Patricks Cathedral image

4. Rosa’s Mexicano near Lincoln Center is prepared with fresh ingredients and you will not be disappointed.

5. If you’re still hungry for something sweet there are plenty of bakeries around every corner. Magnolias Bakery on Columbus Ave. has yummy banana pudding, Donna Bell’s Bake Shop offers Chess Pie, and for something different, order Miso Brownies at Kyotofu on 705 9th Avenue.

6. The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a place of serenity. The gardens are a peaceful maze that will keep you busy, and you can also see The Ground zero Memorial and the Statue of Liberty on a 360 view.

7. The best place to buy your tickets for next day Broadway shows is the South Street Seaport. Prices can be almost half off and the lines are shorter than Times Square.

8. Another interesting and peaceful place to go for a walk is Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery. Not only are there hundreds of famous headstones but the grounds are well kept for other events throughout the year.

9. The Brooklyn Flea Market is a great place to get some shopping done. There are food vendors as well as clothing, knick-knacks, and art on display.

brooklyn flea market image

Brooklyn Flea Market

10. Another popular park is the Hudson River Park. Complete with ball fields, walking paths, dog parks, and playgrounds for the kids, you can literally spend all day here if you so desire.

You don’t need to throw away you trusty guide book to New York City. You only need to trust your instincts to guide you to some really fabulous places in the biggest city in America. Make your next trip an adventure you’ll never forget.

Anthony Clayton is the Internet Marketing Manager for Bike Rental Central Park, a provider of tours featuring Central Park attractions. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys being in the outdoors and rooting for the San Antonio Spurs.

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