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10 Random Places Tourists Won’t Go to in Barcelona

Take a break from touring Barcelona

Barcelona is a fast-paced city that enjoys the excitement of a hustle and bustle lifestyle. Part of this city culture is due to all the famous and historic attractions (talking about you, Gaudi) that are absolute must-sees. The other reason is that this beach city is known for its serious, Spanish, late night fun. Taking part in all the excitement is almost a requirement whilst gallivanting through this major city. Frolicking under the sun and dancing under the stars sounds like the perfect itinerary for time in Barcelona. It can be, but sometimes you will need to step back and recharge.

To get away from the crowds, relax, or find hidden Barcelona gems, check out some of these suggestions. Composed of random selections, each are perfect to intersperse throughout one’s busy days for a quick getaway.

Food and Drink:

Can Paixano- Tucked away in a neighborhood between the Gothic Quarter and Barceloneta Beach, this hole in the wall tapas bar is a pride of the locals. With tapas for cheap and specialty cava (a famous Catalan sparkling wine) this secluded space is perfect for a pit stop after an afternoon at the beach. A great combination to get with friends is the queso manchego, jamón serrano, and cava. Although this place is always crowded, it is packed with local Catalans as if it’s the meeting place of a cool club.

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7
08003 Barcelona

Be Chocolat and Caelum- The Gothic Quarter is a market neighborhood at the center of the downtown area. It’s narrow and winding streets seem to be filled with tourists at every turned corner. To avoid the constant crowd of shoppers, stop in at Be Chocolat or Caelum. You might find a few tourists at the former getting their quick chocolate fix, however the assortment of delicate truffles makes up for it. Caelum is a tea and pastry shop that feels like an oasis. After sipping a refreshing cup of iced peach tea you’ll be recharged to continue with the day.

Addresses (respectively)-
Carrer dels Banys Nous, 17
08002 Barcelona

Carrer de la Palla, 8
08002 Barcelona

True Artisan Cafe- Forget Starbucks. For a hip coffee shop experience in this equally hip city this cafe is the place. Nestled between the Urquinaona and Arc de Triumf metro stops just off of Carrer de Trafalgar, this cafe offers quiet coffee breaks and casual conversations with Barcelona hipsters. There’s free WiFi, pleasant baristas, and great coffee.

Passatge Sant Benet, 6
08003 Barcelona


Skate/Bike Rentals- There are more exciting ways to see this huge city than dodging the crowds of Las Ramblas or El Diagonal and being in cramped metro cars. Barcelona offers many inexpensive roller blade, bike, and penny board rental shops that allow for a fun way of seeing or getting around the city. Quickly skating from one place to another, or taking a leisurely ride through the neighborhoods can express efficiency in true adult fashion, or encourage your inner-child to travel creatively more often.

Deviant Bikes
Carrer Méndez Núñez 10
08003 Barcelona

Rental Scooter Barcelona
Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 63,
08005 Barcelona

Sunrise at the Beach- With an active night life, early mornings are unheard of in Barcelona. However, a night in could mean an eventful morning out. Before sunrise, people are still on the streets from the previous night’s fun, but most aren’t still at the beach. Barceloneta beach is a prime sunrise spot. Grab some early-bird friends and some fruit for breakfast and you’ll have the beach practically to yourselves (for once).

Go Here:

Vintage Clothing Shops– Mango, Oysho, Zara, and Desigual are just a few of the popular clothing shops seen in every shopping district. These are also a few of the most crowded places on the streets. Yes, famous European fashion is represented in these stores, however Barcelona has plenty of vintage clothing shops that offer clothes with just as much style. Walking the streets back home wearing a Spanish sunflower dress or circle sunnies looks a world more cultured having bought them from the locals of Barcelona. El Raval district near Las Ramblas has multiple vintage shops throughout its tiny alleys, two of which are:

Holala! Plaza
Pza Castilla, 2,
08001 Barcelona, Spain

Lullaby Vintage Boutique
Carrer de la Riera Baixa, 22
08001 Barcelona, Spain

Turó Parc-  Parc Ciutadella is a must-see thanks to it’s grand fountain and green grass for picnics. After checking this off the list, Turó Parc on the other side of town is the next best place to enjoy some peace and quiet. A few blocks off of El Diagonal, this park is closed in by tall trees that block out the noise of the city. It is frequented by families walking their dogs, grandparents going for strolls, and 20-somethings having acoustic jam sessions. Grab a book or some friends and put a peaceful pause on life in this hidden park.

Avda. de Pau Casals, 19
08021 Barcelona, Spain


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