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10 Reasons College Students Should Study in London

10 Reasons Why London is the Best City for Students.

1. History At Every Corner

As the capitol of a country so intertwined with the U.S. history, London serves as a historical mecca. Virtually every place in the city has some historical significance and studying in a city with history at its every corner is a completely unique experience. There are many different self-guided walking tours offered with one taking travelers to the most famous London landmarks including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Jewel Tower. London is also full of museums that are oftentimes free or discounted for students. The opportunities offered to student travelers are innumerable and make London a great city for a semester or year long study abroad program.

2. So Much Diversity

London, as a major metropolis city, welcomes visitors from all backgrounds, cultures and birthplaces. As a city that is well connected to many other European countries, visitors will be sure to encounter a diversity of people, cultures and activities. Students exposed to this type of lifestyle will enjoy a more unique and expansive experience.

3. Live Music Everywhere

Right down the street from the birthplace of the legends that are The Beatles, London continues to prosper as a music scene. Try any of the local pubs and enjoy a live performance from an up-and-comer or even an established band/artist. Famous American acts frequent the big city and famous concert venues include the Union Chapel along with popular places such as Cecil Sharp House and Barbican Hall. All three were the voted by Time Out magazine readers as the top music halls in London, respectively. No matter if the concert is a big name star or a small band playing at a pub, there is a variety of live music no matter where in the city visitors may be.

4. No Language Barrier

Another reason students enjoy studying in London is the shared common language. Having the ability to easily converse with the locals can allow students to more quickly become comfortable in their new surroundings.

Elizabeth Tzagournis 2015 telephone booths image

A pair of telephone booths in London, England.

5. World Renowned Bar and Pub Scene

London’s bar and pub scene is known worldwide. Recently, the city took five of eight international acclamations in the 2015 Spirited Awards with some including best international bartender, best international restaurant bar (The Blind Pig at Social Eating House) and best international cocktail bar (The Artesian). Students should also attempt a classic pub crawl, making sure to try each pub’s craft beer or cider. This is a great way to experience and enjoy a variety of bar and pub environments while also trying different brews and meeting new people.

 6. One of the Best Student Cities

London was ranked as the third best student cities in the 2015 QS Best Student Cities test . The test included affordability, user rankings, desirability and the student mix. London was found to be incredibly affordable while offering students a multitude of activities and opportunities.

7. Great Public Transportation

Consistently ranked one of the world’s best public transportation systems, the “London tube” facilitates 30 million journeys every day. For foreigners, this ease of transportation is a must. The ability to travel independently and understand how to get from borough to borough is essential for a college tourist. The tube also gives students studying in London discounted travel cards; it’s the perfect way to traverse all through London in the fastest and most affordable way. It’s hard to get truly lost in this city.

Elizabeth Tzagournis 2015 Big Ben and Parliament image

The Big Ben and House of Parliament building in London, England.

8. Talented Theater Scene

London is home to some of history’s greatest artists. Take Shakespeare and the Shakespeare’s Globe, which hosts a number of the playwright’s shows and offers tickets to their performances as well as theater tours. London’s West End theater (similar to New York City’s Broadway) arguably represents some of the best commercial theater in the world. For drama geeks and anyone who appreciates the art of theater, London is the center of it all and tickets can be found for cheap or discounted prices depending when and where they are purchased.

9. Most Green Space, Beautiful Parks

With 47 percent of London made up of green space; there is a wide array of parks in and around the city. Hampstead Heath is one park that is both scenic and full of activities. During the summer visitors can enjoy lakeside concerts or various classic sports such as rugby and croquet. For rom com fans, the film Love Actually was filmed in this very location. Or for those more interested in the scenic setting, visit Primrose Hill and The Regents Park for an incredible view of the city. As one of the Royal Parks of London, it is also home to the London Zoo.

10. Food

With its diverse population and longstanding history, London is known for its wonderful food scene. Although many first think to the classic and well known fish and chips, London is famous for having a little bit of everything. Named the “culinary capitol of the world”, students will most definitely not be living off ramen noodles in this trendy and delicious city.

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