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10+ Reasons I Love Being A College Tourist

It’s one thing being a college student but being a college tourist student, now that’s living!

1. Celebrating your 21st birthday your second night in England with people you just met but partying like you guys have been friends for years!
college tourists partying together

This is the night many friendships began


2. Having some of the most wonderful and sweetest pastries in London for breakfast.  Can’t do that everyday now can you?

cupcakes in a european bakery


3. Visiting the Queen just to see what’s new in her life and to catch up on all the royal gossip.

buckingham palace


4. Holding a prehistoric monument in the palm of your hand.


5.  Being inspired while visiting Oxford University’s dining hall, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you bumped into Harry Potter

Oxford University Dining Hall inspiration for Harry Potter

6.  Convincing British students to study abroad in America

Study abroad fair london

7.  Getting excited once you find the perfect tea pot and greeting card.

British Union Jack Teapot and greeting card


8.  Inviting all your new friends that are dressed weirdly over to pre drink because you have the biggest room out of everyone.

college tourists in london


9.  Having a drink at one of the oldest pubs in England.

oldest pub in England

10.  Visiting castles and remembering when you wanted to be a princess.

Castles in london


11. Taking the perfect tourist picture in London

Red phone booth and big ben in london


12.  Eating some of the best macrons from a bakery in Paris.

macrons in london


13.  Taking the ultimate selfie with the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Selfie

Rarione Maniece

Old Dominon University | 6 stories

I am a Senior at Old Dominion University studying Communications and Information Technology in Norfolk, VA. New Orleans, Louisiana is where I was born and raised. I am an apsiring news reporter that loves all things Beyonce and Orpah. This Fall term I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Leicester, England to complete my semester abroad at the University of Leicester. I look forward to following the foot steps of the wonderful Ron Burgundy, "Stay classy, San Diego!"

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