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10 Reasons not to wait for a travel partner and #travelsolo

Traveling solo gives you the time and freedom to explore those new destinations and cultures as you choose. It can free your mind and allow you to create your own bliss.

Fact: Buying experiences, not things make people happier.  Can you think of a better experience to spend your money on? And Solo Travel is an experience that you have designed specifically to make you happy, not your partner or friends.  It’s all about you and your life experience.

Get a little selfish. Do what you want when you want.  Speaking of making an experience that is ‘all about you’, planning a solo trip gives you the selfish pleasure of attacking your bucket list without taking anyone else’s desires into account.  This is your time to achieve which ever travel goal you desire.  Go ahead, hike that mountain just for the sunrise, jump out of that plane, eat roasted grasshopper just because you want to try it.  It’s your trip, embrace the moment.

You’ll be amazed…by yourself! Confidence, independence and empowerment, who doesn’t want more of these in their life.  The possibilities for personal growth on a solo trip are endless.  You’ll be faced with problems and dilemmas along the way that you’ll need to solve by yourself, because let’s face it, you’re solo. Once you’ve solved an issue in a foreign land and lived to tell, you’ll look back on each incident with a sense of achievement. Go You!

Time to Think.  Along with all that personal growth, you’ll have the time to reflect on your experiences while they’re fresh in your mind.  Without the constant chatter of the tour group or your traveling companions to distract you, you can quiet your mind to soak in what you’re seeing and experiencing. Traveling solo is a great way to heal, re focus on whats important to you and re evaluate those life goals.

You can do it now.  If you’re ready to travel, solo travel means you don’t have to wait for your friends, family or partner to have the money or time to go.   You can take the step in your own time. Carpe Diem!

The planning is all yours.  You can day dream of riding elephants in Thailand or spending all day strolling through the Louvre.  No waiting for people in your group to decide what to do next or friends planning your day for you. Whether you get to plan all of your desires into one trip or not, the enjoyment of planning a trip that speaks directly to your heart is yours to savor alone.

Become more interesting.  Have you heard the expression “Travel first makes you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”?  You will have stories to share with your friends and family who will most certainly admire not just your stories but your adventurousness of going it alone.

Make global friends.  Solo travel is not really about being alone all the time.  You’ll most certainly meet fellow travelers along the way. You won’t be alone for long.  You may even travel together for a day or two if you’re headed in the same direction or have the same interests.  Not only will you have a friend for that short time but for life. (And someone to visit on a future trip. Bonus!)

florida image

Full language immersion is inevitable.  If you’re trying to learn or brush up on another language, traveling solo will most definitely increase your skill level.  After all, who else do you have to talk to? Take advantage of the kindness of strangers and ask for directions or a recommendation of where to eat like a local.

Its empowering.

Take the plunge and take on your fears. A solo vacation can inspire you to do more the things in your life you’ve been afraid to try. Eating out by yourself may feel uncomfortable at first, having breakfast or a dinner on your own can actually be wonderful.  Learn to be comfortable dealing with the unfamiliar, it won’t seem so daunting once you’ve tried it a few times. Traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous, take the normal precautions you would at home, keep in mind the local customs and traditions. Conquer your fears and worries and take the chance to discover all the world has to offer.


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