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10 Reasons Why Prague is Great for Every College Tourist

Prague is the fairy-tale city of Europe. Its strange dark architecture makes it look like something straight out of story book.

Located in the Czech Republic, here’s why Prague is a great little getaway for anyone traveling through Europe.

1. The Perfect Hostel- Located right next to the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, the Prague Square Hostel is only around $13 a night! It has a nice hangout room, wifi, is clean with great facilities, and has a very friendly staff.

There’s also the Hostel DownTown  only $17 a night and a short walk from Old Town. There’s a self-service kitchen if you want to make your own food, and there’s also a bunch of clubs around it if you want to hang out with friends and listen to good music. Look on Hostelworld  to find the perfect Prague hostel and book a room!

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2. Art with a Purpose – Prague is a city like no other with a mixture of a dark architecture with splashes of color where you least expect it. If you don’t believe me, then check out the John Lennon Wall on Velkopřevorské náměstí, or Grand Priory Square! In the 80s Czech was under communist rule and were not allowed to listen to Western music. People came to pay tribute to John Lennon throughout the 80s and write messages of peace.

3. Food for Everyone- Whether you have a meat and potatoes type of diet, or you have a more specific diet like vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, you have many options in Prague. Check out Country Life, a personal favorite vegan cafeteria, or download the Happy Cow app and look for a place you’d like. There’s also Etnosvet, which can be pricey, but is very nice if you want to treat yourself. While you’re out sightseeing, try the potatoes that are spiraled out on a kabob at the street vendor carts.

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4. History- After gaining admission to the Jewish Quarter you can see multiple synagogues, one of them being one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. You can also see the Old Jewish Cemetery located in what was the Jewish ghetto. There’s the oldest Jewish Mueseum in Europe there as well, which Hitler intended to be “The Museum of the Extinct Race”. There is also the Pinkas Synagogue, right next to the Old Jewish Cemetery , which is a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

5. Striking Architecture- The city itself is beautiful to look at. With The Charles Bridge, Tyn Church, and St. Vitus Cathedral, it’s easy to see how prominent the gothic elements of the architecture is. If you plan on going during the fall time the foliage and vines growing on the buildings make the city absolutely picturesque.

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6. The Green Fairy- Absinthe was banned in many places early last century due to prohibition and because of the dangerous warning labels that came with it, absinthe stayed banned in many places. In Prague there are absinthe museums and some of the best absinthe you’ll ever have the chance to drink. Go to a nice restaurant and have them set you up a glass. They’ll bring over a sugar cube, put in on a spoon, balance it on top of the glass with a little absinthe in it, and let water from a fountain hit the sugar and dilute the absinthe. Enjoy, but be careful!

7. Wild Side- Want to see something a little wacky and not your usual tourist spot? Check out the Sex Machine Museum! Wild right? Sex toys are not a new idea and they have machines dating back centuries showing people’s perspectives on sexuality and resourcefulness when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

8. Astronomical Clock- This is where everyone will be gathered taking pictures of this magical piece of art. It’s so intricate and carefully made, it’s hard to believe it’s been working for 600 years! It have moving statues and is one of the many famous clock towers in the world. At night go up and see the inner workings of the Astronomical Clock and get a bird’s eye view of Old Town Square.

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9. Scenic View- Hike up the hills of Prague to the Petrin Hil & Observation Tower. After the long walk, enjoy sitting down at the café with a cup of coffee and a snack, before going up to the topic to get a full 360 degree view of Prague. At night go down the street from the Charles Bridge to see it lit up and gleaming over the water.

10. Little Shops- If you’re going around Christmas time you’ll have to check out the Christmas Markets in Old Town and Wenceslas Square . Even if you’re not around  there’s plenty of cute shops. They’re filled with odd gifts like intricately carved eggshells, lotions, soaps, and wooden tops made to look like a dancing woman. Prague tea is also a nice treasure to bring home and antiques are popular in Prague. Check out Vetešnictví Dračka Milan if you’re interested.

Live out your fairytale in Prague and explore the Old Town Square and beyond!

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