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10 Reasons Why You HAVE to Study in the UK

British Accents, Cheese Rolling Races and Trips to Europe – What’s not to Love

You’ve obviously heard that the United Kingdom is cold and rainy. But you might not know that it is still one of the greatest places to come and study. Forget Ivy League, we have the Russell Group! Forget Californian sun, we have Cornish pasties! Grab your umbrella and that ‘I Love The Queen’ t-shirt we know you have and ready yourself for 10 wonderful reasons to come and study here.

1. Lower drinking age

This is clearly a very persuasive motive, but drinking isn’t all that important. It’s more about the opportunities you are given as an adult in the UK like being able to go to bars and clubs, casinos, being able to legally buy a bottle of vodka from the shop that you would have inevitably got your hands on anyway. Yes, there is more of a drinking culture over here, but as long as you’re making the most of your time away, having a few legal drinks won’t hurt.

2. Wacky societies

Fancy being part of the Milk Appreciation Society at the University of Sussex? Or the very popular Hide and Seek Society at Plymouth University? Our Universities are full of sport clubs and societies where you can meet all sorts of people with similar interests

3. British accents are great

You know all those super cheesy British accents in US shows? They’re not real. When you get here you’ll be confronted by a plethora of different accents (even though we have such a small country) all of which are very amusing for an outsider. So rather than thinking every Brit says ‘guvnor’ you can practise polishing your British imitations and impress friends back home. Try watching Geordie Shore for an example of one of our most incomprehensible dialects.

4. We have some delicious and unique food/drink

Ever had a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner? You’ve probably heard of Fish and Chips, but have you ever eaten them by the sea? What about ‘spotted dick’, ‘toad in the hole’ or a ‘ploughman’s lunch’? Did you know that nowadays our national dish is considered to be Chicken Tikka Masala, a British-Indian adaptation of our favourite curry tastes? No? Well you need to try all these exciting new foods when you come to study, or it just won’t be the same.

5. We love American culture – you shouldn’t feel too homesick!

Plenty of shops in the UK stock your favourite American candy (or sweets and chocolate as we would say), plus we air American TV shows a lot, but with fewer adverts (sorry, ‘commercials’).

6. You’re in Europe!

You are just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the most beautiful countries in the world. While you’re over in the UK, jump on a plane, go inter-railing or even hitchhike across the continent and immerse yourself in hundreds of different cultures.

7. British culture is wacky, fun and interesting

Make sure you are able to witness Cheese Rolling that takes place around Spring Bank Holiday (last weekend of May) in The Cotswolds. It’s literally 20 people chasing cheese down a steep hill, and pretty fun to watch. Not only that, but every November 5th is Guy Fawkes’s Bonfire Night where we celebrate with fireworks and bonfires (the most famous of these celebrations can be found in Lewes, East Sussex). And there is so much more see!

8. Less contact hours and work load

Yep, you heard right! Us Brits typically spend around 10 hours in lectures and seminars a week, leaving the rest of our time to see friends, catch up on Game of Thrones, oh, and do some work. The same goes for assignments; you have a lot of work during assessment periods which are heavily weighted, but less weekly work, giving you plenty of time to get your reading done at your leisure.

9. The UK is very small – so everything is close!

It takes just a few hours on the train to go cross-country, yet we Brits don’t appreciate how compact our country is. One minute you’re in the South East, the next you’re in Scotland, and there really is so much to see. You can easily visit anywhere in the UK with a weekend trip (but try and travel for longer if you can), and with all the diversity from our many historical invaders, you can never soak up enough culture.

10. It’s way more fun!

Maybe we’re just being biased, but attending University in Great Britain is a lot of fun, and we’re sure that if you ever end up studying here, you’ll agree. See you soon!

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Lizzi Hart

University of Sussex | 1 story

Lizzi is a Linguistics Student in the UK, You'll probably find her drinking tea, glued to her laptop or losing at Tippy Tap.

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  1. Sabina says:

    What a great article! I study in London so I’m a little biased of course, but for what it’s worth I must say I loved this 🙂

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