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10 Student Budget Friendly Things to do in Paris

Make the most of the City of Light and Love with these money saving tips.

 1. If you are literary and film aficionados, take a friend and wander into was the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore, nestled in between Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter.

2. Wander down the Seine, taking time to stop at many bouquinistes that line the river. These iconic secondhand bookstalls sell everything from vintage postcards, novels, posters and little souvenir items, and are just as eclectic today as in the 1920s.

3. Le Marais, is filled with street art everywhere you look and many thrift shops, where you can make sure to find the latest French vintage stuff. Montmartre, is more the place to admire artists work such as paintings, and buy reasonable prices pieces of art that are one of a kind. The Latin Quarter, located right next to Notre Dame has some street art, many libraries and bookshops but definitely also a lot of art work sold along the Seine.

4.  Walk around and relax in the many parks Paris has to offer. The walk around Canal Saint Martin is all for free, and filled with many beautiful views of the city. Another great location to visit for free is the Pont des Art, also known as the love bridge and visited by many couples.

5. With a student ID and student Visa many museums are free.

6. Throughout the week, on different dates many open markets all around Paris are held, offering a wide range of flowers, produce at affordable prices.  Head to the 13th arrondissement for thrift shopping. There are tons of vintage and secondhand stores that sell really unique items cheaply.  There’s clothing, jewelry, and shoes, as well as a collection of really cool decorative items and books.

7. Many churches such as Notre Dame are free to enter, along with cemeteries are also free to visit. If you’re interested in seeing the graves of famous politicians, authors or artists, such as Jim Morrison’s, head to Paris’s two major cemeteries, Père Lachaise and Cimetière du Montparnasse.

8. Stop by 31 Rue Cambon; which if you’re not up to date on your fashion, is the apartment of Coco Chanel. Chanel was the revolutionary designer who achieved her dreams and her home is just as exquisite as she was. She lived at the Ritz, but worked and entertained at Rue Cambon.

 9.  When ordering water at a restaurant, ask for “une carafe d’eau” (tap water) which comes for free, otherwise you will be given mineral water which will cost you some euros.

10. Avoid the city congestion  and get the wind in your hair, grab a bike from Fat Tire Paris and take one of their cycling tours.

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