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10 Things to do in Athens Georgia, Live Like a Local.

Thinking of visiting Athens Georgia? Check out our top 10 To Do list.


dawgs football1. Visit Sanford Stadium: Not only is this stadium massive, but it’s where the Dawgs play. And if you love Georgia, you love the Dawgs… period. No team has more pride than the southern belles and beaus in attendance of every football game decked in khakis, visors and day dresses. Don’t forget to finish the tradition by “Calling on the Dawgs”. After one Saturday in Athens you won’t ever want to miss an afternoon between the hedges ever again! And remember, #DawgsonTop


2. Eat at Mama’ Boy: You can’t leave Athens before eating breakfast (or brunch) at Mama’s Boy. Whether you are up bright and early or recovering well into the later afternoon, Mama’s Boys flexible hours provide a brunch that you can’t miss. The savory taste of the buttered biscuits and fried chicken will have you feeling like at home. Don’t forget to try the loaded French toast, with bananas and whipped cream.


chapel bells3. Ring the Chapel Bell: If you’re a student at the University of Georgia, you know the importance of the historic chapel and how precious it is to Georgia’s pride and tradition. The bell formally heralded for religious services, is now one for the remembrance of festivities such as a big win or arrival at much anticipated Graduation day. One ring of the bell signals triumph and achievement. What’s more, the chapel can take almost 10 years to reserve for holy matrimony. As the spot where many Dawgs find true love and tie the knot in its sanctuary, the Chapel is definitely a sacred spot.

4. Visit the Botanical Gardens: If you just want a day of peace and tranquility or have an appreciation of nature, the Botanical Gardens are a place for you. Frequent visitors of the Gardens know it is a place for relaxation, to gather oneself in zen. Here you can appreciate the goodness of fresh plants or learn the history of earth’s most fortuitous soils. Often times the Gardens will host dinners and special events for family or single dates alike. If you’re smart, you’ll schedule date night in this secret garden. The enchanted rows of daffodils, lilies and gardenia’s will have any girl swooning like she’s a Princess.

5. Eat at the Dining Hall: If there is one thing UGA is known for, it is dining halls. While most college campuses have varied eateries located on campus, few can boast of the quality and savory goodness that can be found at UGA’s meal plan. Whether you want a five day or a seven day plan, UGA has something for you with its freshman dining hall Bolton—which boasts breakfast better than waffle house itself. O-house, which provides a stir fry line and daily southern home cooked meals from meatloaf, fried chicken, mac and cheese and peach cobbler—YUM! And for the tired days, one can be serviced at the Java hall as well. Snelling always has your back with its pizza line and ready to make omelets. Its 24-hour service has saved many late nights! Nothing can beat spicy chicken day at ECV’s dining hall. Buffalo chicken, creamy ranch sauce top this delight while also providing daily Philly Cheesesteaks and food service’s best desserts and smoothies. There’s no question why food at UGA has earned it over 77 national awards!

Georgia Theatre

6. Go to a concert at the Georgia Theater: The Georgia Theater while known for its impressive sound system has hosted artists from Wale, to Yellawolf and R.E.M. Not only can you experience good quality music, but the rooftop bar is a nonstop party that Athens hosts some of the best music scene and has been labeled by New York Times as the best college scene for music! So whether you’re itching to get discovered or simply appreciate good music, the Athens music scene is the best for a music lover like you.

7. Take a Nap on North Campus: There’s a reason most students will tell you the most serene place to study is University of Georgia’s beautiful North Campus. Walk across Broad Street in downtown Athens through the landmark Arch onto the original campus of the nation’s first state-chartered university. Greek Revival architecture, beautiful gardens, and stately trees frame historically significant buildings such as the Chapel.

8. Visit Broad Street: If you love shopping and vintage hole in the wall spots, downtown Athens is the place for you to be. Various thrift shops and boutiques such as Red Dress are a shopaholic’s heaven. Other places to visit are Cine Athens, which provides hip independent films paired with wine. If you love to eat, you can also discover the best of Athens’ local food such as the famous Last Resort through original local walking tours. The three-hour tours include food, drink and entertainment at six to eight local restaurants and shops, plus local history and culture. Athens is such an easy city walking pace with something for everyone so make sure you bring your walking shoes!

9. Experience some Culture: From the Lamar Dodd School of Art Galleries, to the UGA Performing Arts Center, the Athens, Georgia has a niche for everyone. A tour at the Lamar Dodd School of Art will have you experiencing a new appreciation for artistic talent of your peers. From molded sculptures to impressive art collections, you will leave feeling impressed. The Performing Arts center will provide music for universal tastes. Across from UGA’s campus puts the icing on the cake as one night at the Classic Center provides are your theatrical needs This 2,053-seat grand showplace hosts touring Broadway productions, headliner entertainers, and is home to the Athens Symphony Orchestra. With so much talent in the room, you’ll be sure to leave Athens feeling a little inspired.

georgia arches

10.Walk through the Arch: Enough said, after 4 years of fun at the University of Georgia, don’t forget to complete your experience by walking through the historic arches. Whether you are officially graduating or aspiring to one day attend UGA’s beautiful campus, the arches are the doorway to all the magic and the gateway to pursue your dreams. Furthermore, a photo besides the arches provides for one great souvenir!

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