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10 Things No One Tells You About Studying at Trinity College Dublin

The top 10 ten things you need to know before studying at Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin is one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is home to internationally acclaimed Nobel laureates and continues to be a top tourist destination for tourists to see. For students lucky enough to study at this institution, here are ten things that will help guide you through your time at Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin study abroad image

My first day at Trinity College Dublin

Class registration can be a challenge (Have back-ups prepared when scheduling…)

Surely, before you go abroad, most universities provide you with a list of pre-approved classes that will count towards your degree at home. When arriving to Trinity College Dublin, students have to be prepared with backups, as the classes they chose beforehand might not be available or unavailable to international students. Luckily, the professors and administrators are there to support you, and will guide you through registration. Students will have to get their classes at Trinity pre-approved by each school and department they plan on studying. This process sounds daunting, but everyone is so kind and willing to help.

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Be ready to fall in love (With everything and everyone…)

The atmosphere, friendliness of the students, and kindness of the faculty will capture the heart of any international student who gets the chance to study at Trinity. The college is located in the heart of the city, and the good-natured students come from all over Ireland and throughout the world. 

Trinity College Dublin, camponille, study abroad image

The Campanile at Trinity College Dublin

Lectures will be huge, but the tutorials will help (Don’t be afraid of the HUGE lectures)

Some of lower level classes will have massive lectures of 150+ students. While this can be overwhelming, particularly coming from a small home institutions, Trinity College subsidizes this with tutorials, smaller sections to go over materials for class.

The grading system is drastically different (If you’re a C student, you’ll get straight A’s!)

Good news! A 70 on a paper is an equivalent to an A+ on an Irish scale! Don’t get too excited, as these grades are extremely challenging to achieve and require your best effort. However, grading guidelines are explicitly outlined upon your arrival to alleviate any confusion.

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The campus will always be packed with tourists (Tourists tourists everywhere…)

Trinity College houses the famous Book of Kells and the Long Room, an exceptionally gorgeous library. These are major tourist destinations, and expect long queues outside the Arts block year-round.

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Trinity College Long Room

Joining societies is a must (You’ll meet some of your best friends…)

At the start of the fall term, Trinity hosts freshers week, which is an introduction to college life. Lots of organizations vy for your attention and look for new members, and they’re a great way to make friends! The Dublin University International Students Society frequently takes students around Ireland at a discounted rate, and is an excellent way to make friends from all over the world.

Your professors are there to help (They’ll know you by name!)

While the school is very prestigious and large, people may arrive under the impression that the school is too big for professors to become acquainted on a personal level. This could not be farther from the truth! Professors are available via office hours, email, and after class to clarify assignment instructions, provide further reading, and to clarify subject material. Professors at Trinity are very accommodating to students’ needs.

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The campus is stunning year-round (You’ll be amazed every day…)

Trinity College Dublin is absolutely gorgeous at any time of the year. The rugby pitch is always a bright shade of green, and the famous campanile looks great throughout any season. Trinity College Dublin is always picture-perfect, with its cobblestone pathways and bright foliage. Trinity also holds a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in December, complete with mulled wine!

Trinity College Dublin, springtime, study abroad image

Trinity College Dublin in the spring

The surrounding food is heavenly (You’ll never want to leave!)

Trinity College Dublin is located directly in the city centre, and the surrounding restaurants and cafes will fulfill your every craving. The Bald Barista on Aungier Street has amazing pastries and gorgeous latte art. Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge, on Stephen’s Street Lower, has the best hot chocolate in the city, and is the perfect study environment. Be sure to sample their peanut butter cake slice too, and to enjoy conversation with other students and even the friendly owners.

Coffee, Dublin, study abroad image

Lattes from the Bald Barista

Time will pass quickly– use your time wisely!

Whether you had the time of your life at Trinity Ball, or made your best friends over lunch in the Buttery, when the time arrives to return to the states, you’ll find that the whole experience went by all too fast. Savor every moment, as Trinity College Dublin offers one of the most well-rounded collegiate experiences in the world.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, study abroad image

10 Things No One Tells You About Studying at Trinity College Dublin

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