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10 Things That Happen When Your School Doesn’t Have a Football Team

Big state university football provides entertainment, a social opportunity, and your source of school pride and campus unity. But what about the Colleges with no team?

If you take advantage of your schools’ football program than your four years of college will be marked by tailgating, screaming from the bleachers, arguing about bad referee calls and maybe even body painting your school colors onto your stomach.

But what about us kids that didn’t choose a school with a big football team? Or even no football team at all? For us small private schoolers, the college experience looks a little bit different.

1. You’re not even sure what tail gaiting is. So let me get this straight – you just stand around in a parking lot? For hours before the game even starts? No comprendo.

2. Everybody at your school loves the president. Private schooler’s have to transfer the school spirit that isn’t going to football somewhere, and typically it ends up directed to the big man on campus. Whether it’s the university president, a dean or an old professor, there’s always one head honcho on campus that everybody loves.

3. Theatre is actually popular. Hey, if you can’t cheer on a football team on Saturday (or maybe the games are on Sunday…I wouldn’t know), where else do you go for entertainment? Enter the theatre department. Students actually care about the shows that the theatre kids are putting on, and they get great attendance on the weekends. And don’t even get me started on the improv team. Those kids are basically, like, the most popular kids in school.

4. Smaller sports are a bigger deal. Without football taking all of the limelight, the soccer and basketball teams get a little more love on private school campuses. At my school even the rugby team is beloved.

5. You forget what your school colors even are sometimes. I think we wear red? And maybe white? But I can’t be sure because we rarely have events where we all wear our school colors together.

6. You feel left out on Instagram. While all your state university friends are posting big group photos at the rowdy football game on Instagram, all you’ve got is a photo of the improv team show.

7. Your school has weird traditions. You don’t tail gait or throw keggers the night before the big game – instead you have events like dorm wars or battle of the bands, and joke about the “ring by spring” and walking under the clock tower when it chimes. Who knows how these weird traditions even started, but every private school has them.

8. Your school doesn’t have a fight song. Instead you may have a benediction or universally known phrase that everybody recites together, but it sin’t quite the same, is it?

9. Your campus is divided on game day. Since there isn’t a school football team that everyone is rooting for, the campus is divided when it comes to picking another colleges’ football team to root for. Good luck picking a game to watch with all of your friends on football Sunday! Or is it still on Saturday?

10. Your school has a world famous a cappella group. Okay, maybe that’s just my school, (Lee University)  but chances are since your school isn’t known by it’s football team, it’s known for something else that’s a little out of the box, like the world champion hacky-sack team or synchronized swimming team. You’ve got to do something to make a name for yourself, and if you don’t have a football team, the weirder the better.

Sometimes it’s a bummer to go to a school without a football team, but on the other hand there are plenty of other things that make your university unique.

Does your school have a big football team? What’s different about your school, or what is it known for?

Caroline Eaton

Lee University | 11 stories

Caroline is a full-time student, wanderer and writer that believes adventure can be found anywhere, whether you're on the other side of the world or in your own backyard. She celebrates all forms of travel and exploration, and dreams of writing her way across the entire earth. She blogs at, and you can send a tweet her way at @caro_eaton.

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