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10 Things To Know About Korea

The Transportation System Is Very Convenient 

The public transportation system is very big in the city of Seoul, and you can easily go anywhere within the city, or even to other smaller cities with taking the bus, subways, or trains. In Seoul, they have 9 main lines and 12 additional lines for the subway system that connects everywhere from the center of the city to suburban provinces by Seoul. It is reasonably priced, and if you transfer to a different bus or subway within 30 minutes, it will charge you even less. In Seoul, it is so convenient to travel around using these transportation system with a decent price.

Seoul is very walk friendly. A lot of things to see, small streets, and touristy places are congregated by area, so it is easy to walk around and there is no need to rent a car necessarily.

Amazing Food 

Korean foods are getting more popular and popular nowadays, but it is nothing compared to what it actually tastes like in Korea. From the authentic traditional Korean dishes like Bulgogi, Bibimbap, Kimchijjigae, to various street foods, Korea is a food heaven where you can find so many great foods that will make you delightful.

Beautiful Old and Modern Scenery

Korea is a country that takes pride in its long history and heritage over 4000 years, and there are many old footprints you can find when you are strolling around. Some of the old palaces where the kings and queens lived in the Chosun Dynasty, traditional Korean houses called Hanok, and old temples are still preserved. The beautiful part here is that the old buildings are mixed with the modern skyscrapers in the center of Seoul, and creating cool harmony.

The World’s Biggest Live Fish Market.

Noryangjin In the center of Seoul, south part of the Han-gang River, the world’s biggest Live Fish Market, Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market is located. Tons of fresh fish and seafood get imported and exported through this market, and the auctions are held in a very early in the morning everyday, and it is a very lively place with lots of people. You can feel how the local Korean atmosphere is like in this huge market, and because of these reasons this place is getting more and more popular to the tourists.

 Relaxing along the Han-Gang RiversideHan-Gang River

Is a giant river flow that crosses in the middle of Seoul and divides Seoul into North part and South part. Along the riverside, there is huge park that people can come and relax and hangout with their friends. People come in family and friends gather together and enjoy the sunset, grab a beer together, enjoy some picnic, and enjoy the relaxing time with the beloved ones. Also, biking alongside the river is such a satisfying thing to do, and there are many other activities that you can do such as skateboarding, jogging, rock climbing. This place is filled with vigorous energy that automatically makes you happy.

Haeundae, the Hottest Place for Summer Time.

Haeundae beach is located in Busan, Korea, and it is the most popular beach in Asia in the summer season. Millions of people visit this place for the summer trip, and this place is also known as the home of BIFF(Busan International Film Festival), which is the biggest International Film Festival in Asia.

Breathtaking Jeju IslandJeju island

Is a volcanic island that is located in the farthest south part of Korea. The natural beauty that this place offers to people is speechless. There are countless pretty beaches, forests, and trails called Olle. Jeju is such a soothing place with dazzling views.

 Seoul, Home of the Fashion Trends

Seoul is a very trendy place. You can see so many youths dressed up nicely, and it is very easy to get some cool fashion items in Seoul. Hongdae, Myeongdong, COEX are the popular fashion shopping places. From outfits to cosmetics, Seoul is definitely one of the trend leading place that you could get so many fun stuff.


Night life. 

You cannot say you enjoyed Korea enough without fun night-outs. Usually the drinking culture in Korea consists of many delicious foods called Anju. People gather around and enjoy the lovely conversation and eat yummy Anjus and drink together, and the famous Korean drinks are Soju and Makguli. It is more of calm and private setting with your people, so it is definitely different compared to crazy club atmosphere, but it is super fun and relaxed with amazing people, and amazing food. Yum!

There are numerous more reasons to pack your belongings, grab your passport, and fly to Korea. Adventurous journey you have never imagined of awaits for you in the soul of Asia!

10 Things to Know about Korea

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