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10 Top Must Do’s While You’re at the ZOU!

 It’s Easy to Embrace the Black and Gold with So Many Ways to Enjoy the Mizzou Campus

By Darion Wu, University of Missouri – Columbia

Columbia, Missouri, the fifth-largest city in Missouri and in Mid-Missouri, is home to over 35,000 students from Mizzou all seeking degrees. With a population of 110, 438 and rising, this city offers the full college experience. With nicknames such as  “The Athens of Missouri,” “College Town USA,” and “CoMo” this highly spirited town truly shows an individual how uniquely sculpted this town truly is. Ranked no.10 for best college town by the American Institute for Economic Research, recently added to the SEC, restaurants featured on Food Network, and deeply rooted in school tradition by the colors Black & Gold, Mizzou is a place that everyone can immediately call home.  With the amazing culture, diversity,and traditions of Mizzou, there are so many ways to enjoy this campus.

Let’s get started!

1. The experience of SPORTS at MIZ is incredible! #GAMETIME

Believe me, I’m no die hard sports fan that screams at the top of his lungs, but the SPIRIT of this campus when it’s GAMETIME is Incredible. It’s Super exciting that this year was the first year the University of Missouri has played in the  the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference(SEC). The university and its sports teams officially joined the SEC on July 1, 2012 and plays home games at Faurot Field, also known as “The Zou”, in Columbia, Missouri. Learning all about the Mizzou songs and chants are always fun! Going to a game is a necessity to see just how spirited a true Tiger really is. Not into football or basketball? Baseball, soccer, racquetball, and even Harry Potter Quidditch are popular amongst the campus. Don’t miss out!


 2.  Explore the Campus and all of it’s beautiful architecture.

 Mizzou has so many traditions and culture that is deeply rooted, tracing back to the late 1800s. With the Columns once supporting the portico of the Academic Hall and Memorial Union being built in memory of Mizzou Alumni who lost their lives in World War I, these are the many parts  that makes our campus deeply cultured in tradition and special. Exploring Campus, you’ll find the beautiful architecture and spaces of Jesse Hall, MU Library, and Peace Park. These are some of  my favorite places to show visitors when wanting to know more about the Mizzou campus!

3.  Nights in CoMo

 A night on the town in CoMo can be a blast with or without all of your friends. These are quick spots that allow for  you to make new friends and enjoy the student body here at MIZ. With quick crowds and specials, Campus Bar & Grill and Heidelberg are two quick spots that gather crowds like no other. With specials on both bar and grill items, these are two places that can help make a night in CoMo amazing with all of your friends from MIZ.  A little dance never hurt anyone right? If you’re into Salsa Dancing and tunes from Whitney Houston and Daft Punk, The Blue Fugue and Dirty Disco is your place on Friday Nights. Being a junior at the University of Missouri, I’ve has some of the best times with my friends and family, with memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Only got twenty dollars in my pocket, thrift store!

 So thrift shopping is totally a thing! I’m all about it and in love with it all. Whether you are looking for a quick  thrift or absolute vintage piece, CoMo serves the MU community with quick options at  reasonable prices you can’t refuse.  Some of my favorites include, Maude Vintage, Absolute Vintage, Leo’s, and Goodwill. It’s like having the best of both worlds..Literally! I like how 10 years ago people were embarrassed to thrift-shop, but now it’s a thing. I tell people it’s okay if you find that red pump at the thrift store, as long as it goes with that black cocktail dress.

5. The food is like no other.

 I love when I go to a new place with local favorits. I’m a junior at the University of Missouri, and I’ve been able to have my fair share of food here and have managed to narrow it down to my favorites. If you are in love with international food, high-energy environments, the best pizza, and organic/ fresh food, then these four places are your go-to favorites. Cafe Berlin International Cafe, Flatbranch, Shakespeare’s pizza, and Main Squeeze are must haves!


6. Make it to True False Festival!

 True false is a documentary film festival, in Columbia Missouri, showcasing filmakers all across the world interested in making innovative work. The True/False Film Fest exists to showcase  the best new nonfiction filmmaking. Their goal is to promote art, dialogue and deepen the community’s understanding of each other and the world at large. True False aims,  to present a program that, in totality, challenges viewers to think critically about both the content of the films and their own assumptions. With sponsors sponsors such as HBO documentaries, Hallmark, and Target this is an event that gives you the opportunity to explore the creative arts of our world.

7. Watch the 6 secret societies initiate the leaders of the Mizzou community!

Every year, Mizzou celebrates the amazing leaders of this campus to showcase and give recognition to those who have given back to the university. Just recently, Mizzou celebrated its 86th annual Tap Day on April 19, recognizing new initiates of six campus honorary societies. Students entered the Jesse Hall ceremony wearing robes and hoods, hiding their identity. Society members then were revealed in order of of each organization’s founding year, with the oldest societies announced first. Societies included: QEBH, Mystical Seven, LSV, Mortar Board, ODK and Rollins Society. This event is such an honor and is truly an eye-opening experience for everyone.  I’m honored and privileged to be a new member of the Mystical Seven Secret Society, driving impact and change for the betterment of others. This is an event that showcases the traditions of the University and honors individuals who have put others before them. Experience this moment and learn about the history of MU!


8. Midnight Snacks are the best!

 I love how everytime I start to study I’m seriously so hungry. These are some of my favorite go-to places whenever I need a quick snack or quick meal. For the best cookies and cupcakes ever, Hot Box Cookies and Velvet Cupcake are the best combination for any die-hard desert fan! For the best gyro w/hummus and ice cream as your reward, Coffee Zone and Sparky’s is the place to go anytime before 12. I just have to add the Upside Pineapple Cake Ice Cream and Red Velvet……. that is all.

9. Link with friends and visit was started at MU for students who…..neeeded something to do. These are events that are put on throughout the year for all students to take advantage of during the week. Salsa nights, Movie Nights in the theater, Friday Night Bingo Night, and FUN concerts are a few events that have been sponsored by It’s a great way for incoming and current students to get to know the campus and have a great time while doing it. The Block Party at the end of the year is seriously the best event ever! There are tons of bouncy rooms, photo booths, sponsored Pizza from Shakespeare’s, free products, and live music! Link up with friends and enjoy!

10. Visit the Muesum of Art Anthropology of the MU Campus. #arthistory

 The Muesum of Art Anthropology at MU showcases history through art, sculpting, and creativity. Art exhibits are put together by the department to give the student body and community a chance to explore our past. Their collection includes Roman lamps, Mississippian and Wooden artifacts, and the Eichenberger collection, dating back to the 8000 BC.  Find out about our world and explore your past.


Enjoy MU!

Darion Wu

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Darion Jordan is a junior at the University of Missouri, studying International Apparel Marketing and Merchandising with a dual major in International European Studies. He's had the opportunity to develop his creativity, fashion production, and international marketing strategies in apparel, retail, and non-profit industries. He has a passion for fashion, cultures, and diversity, incorporating these aspects in his everyday work.

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