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10 Ways To Fund Your Next Trip Abroad

Tips and tricks to lower the cost of study abroad excursions and ways to save money for your next adventure!

Studying abroad can cost a not-so pretty penny, and not every family has the means to send their children abroad once (let alone multiple times). But there are plenty of fun and creative ways to save a dollar or two for your next outing in another country. Here are ten traditional, and non-traditional, ways to earn your place abroad.

Bake Sale

Though a bake sale seems extremely boring and traditional, they are usually extremely effective. If you’re planning your trip enough in advance, planning around the holidays is a great way to earn a buck. Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to host a bake sale. Not only do people love having the burden of cookie baking off of their shoulders, but also citizens of the community are usually more giving around the holiday season, and given the information, are sure to be more likely to donate to your trip! To make it more fun, ask friends and family to join in to help you bake or even run the sale, the more the merrier! If you want to go beyond a bake sale, and are handy with an oven, offer to bake cookies or cakes for friends and family parties, birthdays, and graduations, depending on the time of year!


Create a website

While always seems like a viable option, creating a website just to ask for money can seem very daunting to others, been there, done that! A great twist would be to create a blog, write about the experiences you are planning on having, or the experiences you had on past trips that have inspired you to go abroad again. Include a photo of yourself, and photos you’ve taken in the past. Really give others a look into your past experiences to help convince them that by donating to you, they are helping enrich your life. Add a donations page, or a link, and keep up with posts and updates as your trip commences and after you get back.

Virtual Network Via Social Media

It cannot be stressed enough the power of social media! Photos and posts are shared and re-shared. Post your story on Facebook, or Instagram. Encourage others to share your post and create a buzz online. You never know you will be able to reach on the inter-web. Create a hashtag on Instagram and encourage people to follow your journey throughout the process by searching the hashtag!

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Organize a tailgate buffet

This is a fun one, if you live in a small town, full of high school or college football spirit, you might want to consider organizing a tailgate buffet. You can cook yourself, get others involved, or even collaborate with a local popular food joint to help cater. Throw a tailgate before or during a big hometown game. Hotdogs are cheap, and every dollar counts. It’s a great way to meet others in your community and to contribute to your funds!

Collect/Sell Gold

Truth be told, you’re probably not a pirate, but collecting gold can be easier than you thought. You can set up stations in libraries, coffee shops, and even ask your friends for their old jewelry that they have laying around. You can get a sweet chunk of change for gold depending on how much you sell. Your mom more likely than not has more old gold than she knows what to do with. Take advantage of the bottom of her jewelry box (with her permission)!

Sell Your Wardrobe

A quick and easy way to make fast cash is to sell your clothes. We all have a few pieces in our closets we just cant wait to get rid of, and you’ll be travelling anyways, you don’t need all of that! There are stores, like Plato’s Closet, that are designed to buy gently used name brands from you for a decent amount of money. A laundry basket of name brand clothes can get you around $100 a pop. If you don’t feel like leaving your house, and you have a smart phone, you can grab the app Poshmark and sell your clothes online. By taking photos of your items and categorizing the clothing items, you can sell out faster than the racks in Forever 21 (but who are we kidding, I’ve never seen an empty rack in Forever 21). The app even creates the shipping label for you so all you have to do is place the item in a box and away it goes! You can request a check in the mail or direct deposit cash straight to your bank account!

Recycle Cans

Recycling is good, cans are bad for the environment, you can do the math. Though they aren’t worth much, every cent adds up eventually and the environment will thank you!


Play the Lottery

Slightly riskier, but plenty of people have luck! If you have a lucky thumb, and often times win more than you lose, the lottery is a great unconventional way to grab some cash before your trip. Though it’s not as advised, trying your luck can leave you with a big wallet at the end of the day, or an empty one, your call.

Start a Business

Start a business? What? Yes. These days everyone is crafty and seems to be jumping on the Etsy bandwagon, and if you’re talented, you should to! Do you and your friends love to make DIY home décor? Put it on Etsy! Do you make jewelry? Put it on Etsy! Do you know how to make anything? Someone will probably buy it! You can shop online or get the app. Its simple, it’s effective, and it’s a great way to showcase your crafts while keeping busy and making some dough!

Handwritten Letters

Letters are a great and personal way to reach out to those who you are close to and tell your story. More likely than not, you’ll receive a donation ($50-$100 is usually the medium) every one appreciates a handwritten letter. Make it personal, add photos, small inside jokes, and keep it simple. No one wants to read a novel, but a short note can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth when you’re basically begging for money. And if you do receive a donation, make sure you ALWAYS follow up with a thank you note.

Applying for scholarships can be tedious, but trying any of these ideas are great ways to get you involved in your community, involved in your friends list, and gain support of everyone around you! There are plenty of ways to make a little extra money, you just have to find your niche!

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Jamie Coulson is a senior at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. She is majoring in Journalism and Documentary Production with a minor in Creative Writing. Jamie also writes for the Flagler College Gargoyle, the colleges online publication. Throughout her life, and moving almost 900 miles away from home to pursue her future, Jamie has always loved to travel. She has visited many different places in her three years at school, and is hoping to be traveling to Ireland next spring. After graduation Jamie would love to be an international investigative journalist working with non-profits, a news company, or as a freelancer.

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