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10 Ways You Know You’re Dating A Girl Who Loves to Travel

Girls who love to travel are the best girls to love.

Girls who travel are stubborn, adventurous and have an addiction to exploring the hidden corners of the world. Instead of focusing on school or work, you often find her looking up travel websites and wondering where the next best destination is.

Here’s how to know for sure you’re dating a girl who loves to travel:

1. She loves to download the best travel apps.

WhatsApp is a necessity. When downloaded, you can exchange real time text messages with friends and family who have the app. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for a phone plan: as long as you are connected to Wifi you can text whoever you want, whenever you want. Trip It is a mobile trip planner. It shows all your trip details are a glance: flights, hotels, car, map, and directions – all in one place. You can update all your travel plans with your online or mobile calendar and post your travel plans to Facebook and Twitter.

2. She follows more travel Instagram accounts than celebrity Instagram accounts

Not only are most of her pictures on Instagram scenery or famous landmark pictures but she follows accounts that show the most exciting places to travel. Her feed is filled with pictures from College Tourist, Lonely Planet and Go Pro, along with personal travel accounts.

Belgium study abroad student

3. She talks about where she’s been and where she’s going next

You can’t get her to stop talking about traveling. She tells you all  the exciting places she’s been all the time, almost to the point where you can recite her favorite landmark in Paris and her favorite coffee shop in Italy. But she also tells you where she wants to go next. She talks about how she wants to zip line in the rainforest, see the Redwood Forrest in California and somehow make it to Australia to play with kangaroos. She lives for the present but plans for the future.

4. She always has her passport packed and ready.

Her passport is covered with stamps of countries she’s been but has plenty of pages that needs to be filled. She is always available for a last minute trip to London or a weekend warrior trip to Amsterdam.  Whenever you need to get away from work or school, she has her passport and suitcase available.

5. She might have a tattoo that reflects a journey

She may have a map of the world tattooed on her wrist or maybe the longitude and latitude of her favorite neighborhood in London tattooed on her collarbone. She may desire a compass tattoo on her rib cage or maybe a small tattoo of a place on her ankle. Her body is a canvas for her journeys and she adds to it like a painter adds color to his masterpiece.

6. She has a beaten up travel journal in her backpack at all times

Her biggest worry is that she may forget a moment so she always has a journal and pen on her. This journal has memories, descriptions of places or maybe quotes she hears about her favorite place. It is her life and it is sacred to her. She updates it as much as she can, in hopes that one day she can share her favorite memories and places with you. It may take some time for her to gather the courage for her to share the journal, but when you read her favorite stories you know she loves you.

7. She’ll plan her next adventure without you

Maybe she wants to go to Greece next but you’ve mentioned you had the strong urge to explore Costa Rica. She wants to be with you so she’ll find a destination that both of you crave. She wants to introduce you to her love of traveling and wants to see the world with you. Whenever she goes now, she’ll want you to come. You have become her favorite travel companion and traveling without you seems impossible.

8. She embraces (even looks forward to) getting lost.

She knows where she’s going but is happy to trek off the planned path to see what’s around that next corner where the locals are gathering.  Her reward is the farmer’s market with local products for a picnic lunch or the tiny 17th century chapel to share the most serene moment of your day.  The places she stumbles upon are not in the guidebooks and she’s free to blend with the locals and soak up the day-to-day of the local culture.

9. She loves languages and isn’t afraid to try.

Before each trip she studies up on language apps like Duolingo and has Google Translate handy on her phone.  She revels in ordering her morning coffee in the local language and isn’t worried about her botched grammar.  She jumps right in and gives it her best shot.  And the locals love her for it.

10.  She has an apartment full of travel souvenirs.

There are prints on the walls and trinkets on the dresser. Her apartment is a testament to the countries she has visited. From the colorful plates from Turkey, the small brass elephant from Thailand and the snow globe from London, everything has a story.


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When you fall in love with a girl who travels, you are falling in love with an independent explorer who wants to show you the world. For the first time, she realizes that her biggest and best adventures will not be with her friends; they’ll all be shared with you.

10 Reasons to Date A Girl Who Travels


Alea Gilhuly-Mandel

Richmond, the International University | 7 stories

Currently attending Richmond, the International University in London to finish her Master's Degree in Journalism & Public Relations, Alea considers herself a professional traveler. Follow her on instagram (@aleagilhulymandel) to see where her travels take her, how much coffee she consumes and how many dogs she pets.

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  1. All but 5 – I don’t have tatoos – and 10 – I hate souvenirs, all the rest is perfectly and crazily true! 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    Great article! When I grow up I will travel the world too( lol, grow up/retire… Same thing)

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