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11 Must-Haves for a Young Traveler in Lisbon

Being a student, people have much free time to travel and, therefore, broaden their minds. Every time I hear about traveling, my heart goes on: new places, people, dishes, emotions are high on my list!

1. Try a Glass of Sangria
Sangria is a common Portuguese alcohol drink made of red or white wine, sparkling water, and fruits. Serving almost everywhere in Lisbon, you can find many places where to buy it. Just order a glass of cold sangria, take a deep breath, and realize that you’re finally in Portugal!

Hint: traveling with a company, buy a big sangria to save money.


2. Enjoy Pasteis de Nata in Belem
The most famous pastry shop in Lisbon, the Casa Pasteis De Belém, is situated in Belem, a historical area in Lisbon. This cafe is considered to be the first place where pasteis de nata were made. Since 1837 locals and tourists have gone here to try this delicious bakery. Take a pastel de nata and a cup of coffee to enjoy what locals do!

Hint: this dessert is sold in every supermarket, so you can take it like a souvenir.

3. Seafood Dishes in Nunes Real Marisqueira
Lisbon is a home for many sailors. Thus, seafood is so popular among people here. To try something delicious, you can find a place in any restaurant on every corner. However, Nunes Real Marisqueira is a well-known seafood restaurant that serves different types of meals – lobsters, scabbard fish, squid, shrimps, turbot, etc. Every gourmand can order something tasty here without a doubt.

Hint: order a glass of white wine to enjoy your dish completely.

4. Take a Tour in Yellow Tram No. 28
Even if you have never been to Lisbon, you might hear about this touristic tram no. 28. Riding this tram should be included to your must-haves checklist, as it runs through the most popular districts and it is considered to be the best way (and the cheapest one) to see Lisbon’s attractions. You can hop on it in the city center and pay just €2.85 on board.

Hint: take this tour in the early morning as there fewer tourists.

5. Take a Selfie from Santa Justa Lift
To observe Lisbon like birds do, go to the Santa Justa Lift in the center of the city. Here you can turn around you to see both ocean and city’s center views. If you want to take Instagram-worthy pic, take a selfie: just friends, you, and the landscape. However, get ready to wait in a queue for an hour at least – too many tourists want to see this view, too.

Hint: to get a better picture, use a selfie-stick if you have it.

6. Street Dances on Avenida Da Liberdade
Avenida da Liberdade is a street that goes from the city center to the local port. It is surrounded with many brand shops, cafes, restaurants, and banks. Although there are many people walking it day in and day out, local street dancers are ready to perform for you. Different dance styles and music, but so great performing! Talented people, indeed.

Hint: give dancers an euro to see some special tricks.

7. Meet Locals at Bairro Alto Night Dances
So, you might find out that locals are great people! If you’re sociable, go to spend a night at Bairro Alto. It’s a district where several streets unite to make an outstanding party place – many bars with beverages and snacks, and thousands of people having fun in the street. That’s common European way to hang out. By the way, you might meet many new friends here as both locals and tourists are not afraid of talking to strangers. Relax and have fun!

Hint: you might be invited to dance salsa or bachata, so get ready for it!

8. Walk Around Docas de Santo Amaro
An area along the river between Baixa and Belem districts is called ‘Docas’. It’s a place where the youth have fun, drinking their cocktails. What is special about docas is that here you can watch magic marina view – yachts, boats, water… I recommend coming here to dinner and then visit a pub or a cafe. Plus, there are many clubs for everyone. So, get here to enjoy the party!

Hint: this area is absolutely magical at night.

9. Watch Animals in the Oceanarium/Zoo
If you like nature and animals especially, go to either to the Zoo or the Oceanarium. Once you’re here, take a pause and explore things around. Shh! There is just nature and you: birds are singing, animals are walking/swimming, and you’re watching them! Coffee-lovers like me can take a cup of iced coffee to become even more happy. At this point, these places are great to relax after a crazy night party.

Hint: explore the Zoo website to find a schedule for attractions and shows.

10. Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall
Believe it or not, most millennials are shopaholics. If it’s about you, go shopping to Vasco da Gama Mall – beautiful building with a lot of shops and cafes is waiting for you. You might be impressed with the quantity of European clothes that look great! Plus, don’t forget to buy souvenirs as they are cheaper here.

Hint: a peacock statuette would be a good memento as it is a symbol of Portugal.

11. Have Fun at Super Bock Super Rock Fest
Are you fond of rock music? Visit Lisbon in July as one of the greatest musical festivals, Super Bock Super Rock, takes place this time. What I’ve enjoyed the most about this fest is the atmosphere – tasty food, ounces of beer, friendly and happy people, funny activities, and great music after all!

Hint: get ready to win many souvenirs. I didn’t expect to take four T-shirts, sunglasses, a scarf, photos, and a bag, haha!


After all, no matter what you like, Lisbon is a city where everyone can find something special. If you have time, don’t hesitate to try all the above-mentioned things!

As for me, I’m totally in love with Lisbon, but I will come back to explore more of Portugal and its magnificent nature, landscapes, and people. Soon.

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