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11 Things To Do In Bermuda

Immerse yourself in the land of pink beaches and spirited local culture.

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation, a spring break, or a winter getaway, Bermuda represents a fantastic, tropical paradise full of lush natural scenery and exciting opportunities for adventure. As a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this little island has a unique sense of native culture that pulls from Great Britain and the nearby USA. For example, Bermudians adore the game of Cricket, like the British, but the island is also full of delicious, fried foods that resemble American cuisine.

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The quirky nature of traditional Bermudian culture adds to the island’s irresistible charm,  and the locals are overwhelmingly friendly, welcoming, and fun. Endless parties, clubs, bars, and outdoor activities ensure that all visitors have an awesome time, and also the breathtaking beaches and heartwarming weather allow for a trip full of relaxation. Bermuda truly has something for everybody, and here are 11 amazing activities that can help you enjoy your time on this quaint, colorful, lively island.

Swim at Elbow Beach
The soft, white sand and crystal clear water makes this relatively quiet beach a serene spot for a peaceful, afternoon swim.

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Watch Cricket
One of Bermuda’s most popular sports, watching Cricket games is a popular past-time for locals and tourists alike. During the summer is the Cup Match, which is regarded as one of the island’s most celebrated public holidays. Aside from ongoing parties and celebrations, the two teams of Somerset and St. George play each other in an exciting cricket match, and this is definitely worth trying to attend.

Eat a Fish Sandwich from Art Mel’s
Fish is a huge part of the traditional cuisine in Bermuda, and a local favorite is a deep fried fish sandwich complete with homemade bread, coleslaw, salad, and loads of delicious sauces. Art Mel’s is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall take-away restaurant where you can get an incredible and massive fish sandwich.

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Hike in the Woods
This tiny island is bursting with natural beauty, so be sure to explore some of the many hidden forests and woodland areas. Most wooded spaces reside on the eastern side of the island, and can easily be reached by foot from nearby towns and beaches.

Climb the Horseshoe Bay View Point
After enjoying the island’s most popular beach at Horseshoe Bay Cove, hike up the massive, jagged rock to witness a breathtaking view of the saturated sea and the surrounding sandy paradise.

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Walk around Downtown Hamilton
Though most people flock to Bermuda for the beaches and water activities, be sure to experience the humble charm and colorful energy of the capital city. Hamilton is home to tons of amazing restaurants, adorable shops, and aesthetically pleasing squares filled with fountains, flowers, and monuments.

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Swim in a Cave
While you can visit the Crystal Caves for a guided tour of a natural wonder, seek out your own adventure by hiking through the woods and finding hidden caves with stalactites protruding over the calm water.

Touch the Pink Sand of Chaplin Bay
Bermuda is famous for its pink sand, and this beach is the perfect place to witness this natural phenomenon. The velvety sand is as pink as it gets, and the surrounding turquoise water and rugged rocks make the scenery absolutely stunning.

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Endless aquatic activities are available on the island, but hydro-biking in particular makes for an extremely easy and fun experience. HydroBike Bermuda at Daniel’s Head Beach in Somerset offers the chance to ride on a bike in the water, where the bike rests on top of two, kayak-like floating devices. It’s very easy to do and is a unique way to have fun in the ocean.

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Go clubbing
Despite the island’s small size, the parties are endless! The streets of downtown Hamilton are lined with numerous clubs and bars where you can drink, dance, and mingle with the energetic, friendly locals. A particular party spot is Snorkel Park Beach, where the beach transforms into a night club in the evening with flashing lights, a DJ, a stage, and a massive dance floor.

Climb the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
You can pay a small fee to climb the steps of this historic lighthouse, and enjoy a lovely aerial view of the rainbow houses and the surrounding ocean.

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