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12 Hour Destination Guide to Costa Brava, Spain

What to do during a weekend trip to Costa Brava

Costa Brava is unlike any other part of Spain.The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery and beaches are breathtaking.I was given the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Costa Brava with my study abroad program, and it is a weekend I will never forget. Adorable boutiques and little cafe’s around every corner, it is like you are finding a small hidden treasure with every step you take. I contemplated going on the weekend excursion, because many students in the program want to do things on their own when they arrive in a foreign country. If you are given the opportunity to take a weekend trip during your study abroad program, take it! It is one of the best memories I will take from my study abroad experience, and the included tours are actually very interesting!


A buffet style breakfast in Hotel Trias in Palamós. A café con leche and a small pastry or croissant is the perfect meal to begin the excursion through Costa Brava. Tortilla de Patata’s, or Spanish Omelet, are also a delicious breakfast meal. They are of the most commonly served meals throughout Spain, and are served in bars and cafe’s as a tapa. The traditional Tortilla de Patata’s are made with eggs, potatoes and onions are cut and served like a pizza. Breakfasts in Palamos are moderately affordable depending on where you decide to eat. Hotel restaurants are pricey, especially the buffet style breakfasts, but it was included in my study abroad program. If you are traveling on your own, start the day off right by walking down the street and finding a small cafe that serves coffee’s and pastries.



Travel and Shopping in Tossa De Mar. Take less than an hour bus from Palamós to Tossa De Mar for beautiful beaches and great local shopping. When you arrive to Tossa De Mar, walk along the main streets located directly behind the beach and find great boutiques and stores with one of a kind jewelry and clothes. In less than 10 minutes of shopping I was able to find beautiful jewelry, such as a turquoise and stone ring for 8 euros. The streets seem to never end with small cafe’s and little stores on every street. Each store has something different and unique. Whether you are looking for the perfect souvenir or a new bathing suit to wear on the beach, you will find whatever you are looking for at the shops in Tossa De Mar.


Time for Lunch! Behind the beach are rows of different restaurants that serve traditional catalan food. One of the best meals you can eat in Spain is the Fideuá Catalana. It is made with thin noodles and different types of fish, with allioli sauce added on top. This makes a delicious lunch to have right by the beach! Most restaurants in Tossa De Mar serve their local products, and it is fairly easy to find cheap lunch options if you are in the mood for a bocadillo (a sandwich made with Spanish bread cut lengthways).


Relax on the beach! The beaches in Costa Brava are beautiful, and all can be accessed by walking. It is interesting because the beaches are not sandy, it is actually covered in little stones! The beaches are not crazy busy with tourists, so it is a nice break from the crazy beaches in Barcelona!


Take a bus back to Palamos and go on a tour! Although it may sound strange, Palamos is the only place in the entire Mediterranian area with a Fishing Museum! If you want to know a little history on the importance of fishing in Palamos, it is worth a visit! The tours of the museum can be explained in 5 languages, so no matter where you are from it will be easy to learn something about the culture!


Time for Dinner! During my trip we ate dinner at Hotel Trias and it was amazing! Delicous steak, vegetables and a salad! For dessert I would definitely recommend getting the crema catalan! This is a baked custard dessert that is a lot like creme brûlée. The dessert is often served on St.Joseph’s day!


Time to go out! Costa Brava has many streets filled with different bars and clubs! Some are in walking distance, but others are easy to access by Taxi. If you like music venues or pubs I would suggest checking out Lincoln on Avinguda de L’Onze. This is a small place with great music, and if you want to try and practice your spanish you can easily talk with locals. If your not a fan of places like that, the entire street of Avinguda de L’Onze is filled with small locals bars and you are bound to find somewhere fun to go! The locals dress nicely, but nothing too over the top and fancy! Jeans and a nice blouse will be perfect!

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