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12 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Special Someone

Proof that traveling with the person you love is completely worth it.

1. They’re your home away from home
No matter where you are in the world, home never feels too far away when the person you care about most is by your side.

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2. You’ll learn new things about them
Spending every waking moment with someone leaves nothing to the imagination. Strange taste in food, beauty regimens, fear of heights, abnormal sleeping patterns— You name it! After your travels, there will be no secrets in your relationship.

3. It’s romantic!
Nothing screams romance more than a getaway for two. Sure, traveling solo or with friends is fun, but it’s nothing compared to being in a beautiful place with someone who gives you butterflies.

4. #RelationshipGoals worthy photos
The amount of photo ops you’re going to have will be enough to last you a lifetime. And years later, you can look back on your snapshots and reminisce about your adventures together. Oh, and selfies are fair game.

5. You’ll learn to rely on each other
From getting to the airport on time to not getting lost on a hiking trail, traveling as a pair turns you into a team player.

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6. You’ll discover how they act under stress
Stressful situations are inevitable when you travel. Knowing how your partner reacts to them will prepare you for future obstacles, and make your relationship stronger.

7. You’ll do things you may not have considered
When visiting a new place, the two of you will most likely have different items on the agenda. Let him drag you to a brewery, and let her drag you to a park. Chances are, you’ll end up loving what the other person planned.

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8. You’ll never get bored
Long flights and bus rides are a lot more entertaining when your favorite person is sitting next to you.

9. They make you feel safe
There’s just something about being with them that makes you feel like nothing can hurt you, even when you’re in a foreign place or trying a new sport like skiing, surfing or zip lining for the first time.

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10. Two heads are better than one
Deciding on the perfect destination and figuring out what to do when you get there is a lot easier with double the brainpower.

11. Nothing else in the world matters
When you’re away from home with the one person you can’t stop thinking about, it’s impossible not to tune out all of your worries and problems.

12. They’re the perfect souvenir
No need for trinkets or t-shirts. The only thing you’ll want to take back from your trip is your special someone, because they are what made it so unforgettable to begin with.

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Jenna Rice is an alumna of the University of Central Florida. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy and seeks out any opportunity to travel within the U.S. and abroad. When she isn't working on her personal travel blog,, Jenna enjoys scouting out foodie spots, boating, online shopping, spending time with friends and taking ridiculous amounts of photos. Stay up-to-date with Jenna’s travels by following her on Instagram and Twitter at @ricejenna.

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