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12 Reasons you Know you go to The University of North Carolina

UNC is a special place that gets under your skin, I’m thankful I am a Tar Heel.

The University of North Carolina is a special place that gets under the skin of anyone who attends. As an exchange student here at UNC I have learnt to love every little thing about this school, and am thankful I am a Tar Heel! Here are 12 reasons you know you go to The University of North Carolina.


1. You bleed Carolina blue
There’s a favourite saying among UNC fans, and that is “If God is not a Tar Heel, then why is the sky Carolina Blue?” — You now own more sky blue shirts then you thought reasonably possible, and you also appreciate how lucky you are to have a school colour like this instead of something like orange or purple (because let’s be honest, those just aren’t in our colour wheel). Forever more when you see this colour, you’ll be reminded of this great university, and be proud to call it home.

2. … And you automatically dislike Duke
Or should I say d00k? This is the evil school that must not be named. 8 miles away from UNC, and academically competitive, I learnt pretty quickly that nobody at Carolina likes them. Having one of the best, and most intense rivalries in sport doesn’t help. This shared loathing of the school that wears the wrong shade of blue (it’s a royal blue, very ugly) brings everyone at UNC together.

3. You know that Carolina basketball is life
Forget football, basketball is the sporting religion at UNC, and Roy Williams (the coach) is God. I think one of the reasons basketball is regarded so highly here is because North Carolina (as in the state) has many colleges with great basketball programs. It’s not just our famous rivalry with Duke, but also NC State, Wake Forest, and Davidson who provide some great entertainment. Consistently ranked in the top 25 of the nation means UNC is a powerhouse, not to mention #23, Michael Jordan, the most famous basketballer in the world, attended UNC.


4. You’ve sung ‘Hark the Sound’ after a sporting event
Win or lose, after every sporting event at UNC everyone will sing the alma mater. It’s a great way for all the students and alumni to bond, and be thankful we go to such a great school.

5. You’ve sipped water out of the Old Well
The Old Well is a small rotunda where they used to get their water supply from in the 1800s. There is an old myth at UNC that on the first day of classes every semester, if you drink out of the Old Well, you will achieve a 4.0 GPA. Currently still waiting for my 4.0 to come to me, but here’s hoping this semester is when the Old Well water will work in my favour.

6. You’ve sat and listened to the Pit Preacher (and not agreed with anything he says)
Known for his unorthodox interpretation of the bible, and his theatrical, accusatory style of preaching, Gary the Pit Preacher is definitely unique to UNC. Listening to him talk between classes, or as you sit in the pit eating lunch, regardless of what he has to say you can laugh it off as some valuable entertainment.

7. You’ve almost died from tripping on one of the bricks
I’ve never known a place like UNC that has the most uneven bricks in the world; sometimes there are just holes where bricks are missing as well. I never go a day without seeing someone trip along the sidewalks, and add in ice or snow, and someone is bound to get a broken bone.


8. You’ve attended Halloween on Franklin Street
People come from all around the state to attend Halloween in Chapel Hill, as thousands of people congregate on Franklin St to look at all the different costumes. It’s a lot of fun, and in the past couple of years more than 25,000 people have managed to come.

9. You’ve watched the Library Streakers
Every semester on the first day of readings before exams, at the strike of midnight, streakers will race through the library and outside to ‘relieve tension’ before finals? It’s not particularly the best sight to see, but it is something you should watch before you leave college.

10. You’ve ridden the P2P on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (and watched people sing/vomit/both)
This is a right of passage for any college freshman (and above) who need to get around Chapel Hill. Go after midnight and you are sure to encounter drunken college kids saying/doing hilarious things that is sure to scar you for life.


11. You’ve drunkenly eaten at one of the Chapel Hill late night establishments
I Love NY Pizza, B-Skis, Insomnia, Toppers, Sup Dogs, Time Out. The list is endless of late night eateries, and if you haven’t attended one of these places after midnight, do you really go to UNC?

12. You’ve sat in the quad on a nice sunny day
…. And you may have fallen asleep while basking in the sun. There ain’t nothing finer than the weather in Carolina (this is actually really false sometimes), and the quad is a great place to study, read, or catch up with friends.

Regardless of these reasons, it is always a GDTBATH (Great Day To Be A Tar Heel)

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Jade Smith-Love

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Jade Smith-Love was a student at The University of Melbourne, Australia. With a double major in International Relations and Media & Communications, she was accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill for a year long study abroad program in 2014-15. Traveller, ice-cream connoisseur, avid reader, and now forever a Tar Heel.. Instagram: @jade.smithlove Twitter: @jadesmithlove

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