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13 Things That Will Happen On The Harry Potter Studio Tour

‘The Stories We Love Best Do Live In Us Forever’: A Childhood Dream Come True

Like many of my friends and peers, Harry Potter was my childhood. We grew up together, and ever since my 11th birthday I  dreamt of going to Hogwarts. In a way, my dreams came true six months ago when I flew to England to attend Harlaxton College, basically my own version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  During my time in England, I knew I had to take a trip to London to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour and it more than exceeded my expectations.

Without a doubt, these things will happen during the three hour journey into the world of Harry Potter.

1. You will get off of your confusing train journey to the middle of nowhere and see this bus; at which point immediate excitement will have you reminiscing your favorite Harry Potter scenes the entire bus ride to the studio.

bus 2


2. Once you arrive you will take about 30 selfies with the Studio sign in the background until you realize you should probably save your storage space for inside.


3. You will sit in a theatre filled with Harry Potter fans as you watch an introductory video about the tour. Your face will form a smile that will last for the next three hours, and a tear might shed as you realize your dreams are unfolding before you.  The screen will rise up and a giant door will open into the Great Hall. You stare in wonder because you finally know its for real.


4. You’ll then continue the tour at a self-guided pace, standing in awe at all of the incredible things that went in to making Harry Potter the magical experience it is. The costumes! The wands! The Fat Lady!



fat lady

5. You’ll continue to take photos with anything and everything, grinning like a fool the entire way through.


6. You’ll start to feel like you’re really a part of this magical world, possibly acting out scenes and talking in horrible British accents.


7. And there’s no way you’re getting a reality check anytime soon because you just went outside and got your very own BUTTERBEER!


8. The smiles are permanent now. You just saw the Dursley’s house on Privet Drive and the Potter’s Cottage. Not to mention Hagrid’s motorcycle, the Knight Bus and oh yeah, the flying car.




9. You’ll step inside again and see the most impressive masks and character replicas that will seem so real because some of them are even moving.



spider 2


10. You’ll think there’s no way it can get better. Until you turn the corner and see this.


diagon alley 2


11. Ollivanders! Gringotts! The Weasley’s Joke Shop! Flourish and Blotts! The Daily Prophet! It’s all real and it’s all right in front of you.


12. It literally can’t get better, right?



13. The impressive replica of your dream school leaves you with the upmost excitement and you’re at the highest point in your day. And then you wander another corner and you realize that its over. You don’t know what to feel anymore. This emotionally draining journey has left you in the midst of an existential crisis. Then you see this quote from the creator herself and you realize it will all be okay.

rowling 2


Standing in front of my own version of Hogwarts – Harlaxton Manor

Alexandra Schulte

Western Kentucky University | 6 stories

I am a rising junior in the Honors College at Western Kentucky University where I am double majoring in Film and International Affairs. I recently came back from a semester abroad at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England where I was able to explore the UK and also travel around Europe. This summer I will be reflecting on my adventures and writing about my summer living in Kentucky and traveling around the US!

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