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15 Reasons I Love Being a College Tourist

No two adventures are exactly the same.


1. Holding a baby hammerhead shark in Hawaii

baby hammerhead shark beach hawaii image


2. Completely losing your breath as a San Francisco cable car whips down one of the city’s famously steep streets

san francisco cable car streets image

3. Kicking over the leaning tower of Pisa…

leaning tower of pisa italy image


4. …and pushing it back up again

leaning tower of pisa italy image


5. Getting caught up in a parade through the streets of Rome…

rome italy parade image


6. …and later that day, in a massive gathering in St. Peter’s Square

st. peter's square rome italy vatican city image


7. Holding the sun on an Italian beach

beach sun pisa italy image


8. Reaching your hand through what remains of the Berlin Wall and humbly realizing that not 25 years ago, people were literally shot and killed trying to get from one side to the other

berlin wall germany image


9. Enjoying a boat tour down the Elbe in Dresden and venturing out to the top in the cold rain to get the best view of the city

dresden germany study abroad friends image


10. Taking in the view from the top of the Bundestag building in Berlin

bundestag berlin germany image


11. Sending messages to your family back home from the top of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig

leipzig germany travel image

“Hi Mom, Dad and Andy! Love from Germany, Lindsey”

12. Enjoying little cultural differences, like the German equivalent of “walk” and “don’t walk” traffic signals

germany traffic symbols image

13. Looking for a place to eat lunch in Berlin and accidentally wandering into where they were setting up for the premiere of World War Z

world war z premiere berlin germany image

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be right here later that afternoon.

14. Meeting Bach in Leipzig (okay, not really, but checking out the church where he worked for most of his life)

johann sebastian bach statue leipzig germany image

15. Finding a little piece of yourself no matter where you go in the world

st. rita rome italy image

My middle name is Rita – a name I got from my beloved great-grandmother – so seeing this St. Rita banner in Rome was really special.


Lindsey Zimmerman

Ohio University | 19 stories

Lindsey Zimmerman is a senior public relations major from Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from Ohio University this spring, she'll be spending the summer interning in Cleveland before moving to Spain in the fall to work as an English teacher. She studied abroad in Leipzig, Germany in 2013. When she's not planning her next adventure, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, learning new languages and spending time with her friends and family. Above all, she believes life is too short to speak just one language and stay in the same place. Follow Lindsey on Twitter @lindseyzim716.

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