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15 Things To Do Before You Die– Er, Graduate

A College Bucket List

For anyone who has seen the once airing show “The Buried Life” on MTV, where four young guys go on a mission to complete “100 things to do before you die” as well as help others to complete something off their own bucket list, you may have already started a bucket list of things to do before you die. As an (almost) second semester junior, the term graduation is approaching much too quickly. The thought of any type of post-grad life kind of feels like a death (in a much too overdramatic way). But seriously, when will it ever again be acceptable to sleep until noon, consider brunch with your friends the most important meal of the day and to wear athletic clothes on a daily basis (everyone knows you didn’t go to the gym, you were just too lazy to put on jeans) because unfortunately no, Lululemon is not considered business casual. In an effort to slow down the looming thought of graduation, I’ve created a College Bucket List to ensure that I make the most of what’s left of the best years of my life.

1. Be in a foreign country with your best friend. Whether this means going on study abroad which if your classes and major allow I would HIGHLY recommend doing, get out there and see the world while you’re in college. And who else better to travel with than your best friend?! College is probably the only time you will get the chance to live abroad, or at least not have the real world get in the way of your travel plans so take advantage!

London and an image of the London Eye

Visiting all the way from America!

2.  Have your college team win a championship. As a Syracuse University student, it’s hard not to get wrapped up the allure of Syracuse sports. Having our basketball team make it to the Atlanta Final Four created an atmosphere on campus I had never seen before. People were bursting with pride (and cans of Natty Light). I can only imagine what campus would be like if we had won! Whatever school you go to, being there when something as momentous as this happens will be something that adds to your college experience.

3. Go tray sledding. First thing someone will say to when you make the decision to go to Syracuse? “You better get a good winter coat! It snows so much there”. Yeah yeah trust me I know. So one thing I need to check off my bucket list before I graduate is tray sledding. We’ve all taken things from the dining hall so what’s the harm in taking a tray? Grab one from your nearest dining hall and head to the steepest hill! Sledding isn’t just for little kids anymore.. it’s also for the average college student.

4. See a concert from someone’s shoulders. Back to school concerts or spring weekend are events that people look forward to all year long. Whether your school nabs a Top 100 artist to perform or a small no name on campus band, add a little excitement to your viewing experience and watch it from someones shoulders. Not only can you actually see the performance but you’ll have a much better time than if your were swaying on the floor. And hey, you might even get a killer profile picture out of it.

Me on my friend Bria's shoulders at our spring concert last year image

Me on my friend Bria’s shoulders at our spring concert last year!

5. Streaking through the quad. This may seem like something straight off of Total Frat Move but you’d be surprised how many people can actually say they have crossed this off their bucket list. It’s one last crazy thing you can do to make your years at college unforgettable.

6. Go on Spring Break. Talk about the quintessential college experience but isn’t that what this is all about? Whether you go every year or have one big blow out spring break…GO! Take an actual “break” from school and soak up the sun with friends. Whether you want to lay out by the pool or beach and dive into a good book or you want a crazy I’m Shmacked style spring break, get off campus and do something other than spend the week on your couch catching up on DVR’ed episodes of Homeland.

7. Road trip to anywhere. The best thing about driving around with friends is that a trip to the grocery store belting out Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” can seem like a road trip in itself. However, if you have the time (and access to a car) go for a real road trip! Visit another school, drive an hour out of the way for ice cream or explore what your school’s state has to offer. It doesn’t matter where you go, have a road trip playlist ready and plenty of snacks and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable college memory.

8. Get on the roof of every academic building. I’m not condoning any breaking and entering but if you can find a way to the roof of academic buildings, why not? This one is for the bragging rights!

9. Dress up. Halloween? Formal event? Just a random Saturday? Whatever the occasion is dress up whenever you can! Once you enter the real world the opportunities to dress are increasingly less so do it while it’s still socially acceptable.

Off to a Tahiti themed party image

Off to a Tahiti themed party

10. Join a club or organization. Whether you join a resume boosting club or you’re the president of the badminton club, joining a club is a great way to be involved on campus and meet new people.

11.  Give a potential new student a tour of campus. What better way to show off your school pride (and maybe brag a little) than to give a potential new student a tour. Whether you join the club that’s goal is to give new students tours or know someone personally who is looking at your school, it’s a fun way to remember all the things that make you love your school and pass them on to someone else.

12. Attend a tailgate AND the game. If you go to just about any school that participates in a sporting event you’ve probably been to a tailgate. But that’s not the bucket list task.. What makes it worthy of the bucket list is making it to the actual game. Either you maybe (probably) end up hitting up your local eating spot instead of making it the game or you make your way to your bed only to wake up with 10 minutes left…make a point to enjoy both the tailgate AND the game.

13. Throw your friend a surprise party.. and keep the surprise. As someone who has never had a surprise birthday (hint hint), throwing someone one is something I have always wanted to attempt. What better excuse to get all your friends together than for someones birthday.. and while you’re at it.. why not make it a surprise! Just make sure you don’t spoil it!

14. Make a kick-ass graduation cap. One of the pressures that go along with graduation, you know along with finding a job, place to live etc., is creating a memorable graduation cap. There’s always the standard “Thanks Mom and Dad”, monogrammed initials or sorority/fraternity letters but why not make a real statement on graduation day. Whether you go the funny route or not, make this your final stamp on your college or university before you enter the real world.

Huge thanks to Allie Zisfein graduation image.

Huge thanks to Allie Zisfein, Syracuse University Class of 2013, for the use of this photo!

15. And I guess this one’s kind of obvious.. Graduate! After four years and a hefty amount of tuition I think it’s safe to say that the end goal is graduation. Enjoy your time but at the end of the day having a diploma to hang on your wall is what you’re there for.


Emma White

Syracuse University | 10 stories

Emma is a junior studying at Syracuse University and a true Bostonian at heart. She will be spending her fall semester studying in London where she can't wait to immerse herself in the London culture and take that attitude wherever she goes. Lover of dogs, laughing and The Office.

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