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15 Things you learn at a Camping Music Festival

 Firefly Music Festival

1. Your Standards of Hygiene Are Reassessed.

From “Am I dirty?” to “Am I visibly dirty?”

2. Everyone apparently plays KanJam and Cornhole. You did not get the memo.
You are okay with this.

3. That daisy print skirt you bought IS NOT UNIQUE.
You do not wear it.

4. IF there are showers, you will have to pay ($5) for them and the lines will be THIS LONG:
2014-06-21 08.24.05.jpg
At first you abstain on principle…and then you smell yourself and fork up the cash.

5. Braids mask the true griminess of your hair.

braids style feathers hair music festival image


6. When you go camping, you rise with the sun.

Or else be tent roasted in the heat.

7. You will never eat the can of chili you packed.

Because of the amount of effort it takes to even cook is more than you have.

8. If you want to get to the front of the stage, latch on to a group passing you and don’t let go.
“I’m with them! Let me through!”

9. If you stand near the side of the stage where the VIP section is, you meet more important people than if you wait at the front of the stage after the show.

10. An unzipped tent is an invitation for spiders to make themselves at home.

11. The people who want to crowd surf are almost always the people you wish wouldn’t.

2014-06-22 22.29.03.jpg
12. A flannel is your go-to clothing staple.

 A personal blanket by day, a cozy cover up by chilly night.

13. No amount of wishing will give you enough cell service to post that #ootd on Instagram.

 Stop refreshing.

14.  Don’t run the AC on your car for “just a minute”

 Unless you want to need a jump start when it’s time to actually drive the car home.

15. You will NEVER find that spider.

You will always be paranoid.

Chayenne Skeete

Columbia University | 6 stories

Chayenne is a rising junior from Houston, studying psychology and sociology at Columbia University in New York City. She loves to dance: ballroom, modern, ballet, bachata, merengue, salsa and hip hop. She is practiced in the art of throwing shade and is a strong proponent of the #selfie. She also likes to think she says funny things on twitter: (@chayennemia)

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