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15 Ways to fully enjoy the best four years of your life!

College flies by so create a bucket list.


 1. Be yourself

This is obvious and a little cliché but what I mean is be yourself at all times and everything will work out. Trust me, pretending to be someone else will only cause problems. You are awesome for who you are so embrace that. Also, why would you want friends that don’t accept you for you?

2. Adventure outside campus

It is easy to get stuck in your campus’ bubble and forget about the outside world but check out local events going on and adventure outside your campus boundaries.

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3. Become a leader

Becoming a leader sure does look good on your resume! In addition, it is an awesome way to build on leadership skills, meet new people and become more involved in your favorite club. If you join a club that you really enjoy, go out for a position. All the hard work will pay off in the end!

4. Make an impact on campus

If you are passionate about a certain charity, create a club or join a club on campus that supports it! It gives you the chance to meet people with the same interests as you and it’s all for a good cause. It is a win-win situation!

5. Embrace your school spirit

Supporting your school at a sporting event with all your friends and fellow classmates makes for awesome college memories. There’s the cheering, the music, your school colors and its just a great vibe to be a part of. Even if you’re not that into sports, try attending one sporting event and if you’re still not into it, there are other ways to support your school!
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6. Study abroad

Studying abroad is no doubt an amazing experience. Just check out my other articles! What other time will you get a chance to travel the world and live in a different country for months? Check out your college’s study abroad program and start researching. Nothing sparks your interest? Pitch your own program, ask questions and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. This is one opportunity you don’t want to miss!

7. Be spontaneous

Okay so taking a road trip at 1 am is not the best idea but why not go? Take adventures with your friends and be spontaneous. Some of my best college memories come from spontaneous decisions!

8. Have a fun all-nighter

Some of the best conversations come from late heart to hearts! Stay up late with your friends and have a fun all-nighter! What bedtime?

9. Don’t be afraid of the fourth meal.

If you want that pizza slice late at night, go for it. It’s worth it after a long night out. Just don’t go for it on a regularly basis!

10. Find a gym buddy

I know I just mentioned to not to be afraid of the fourth meal and I mean it but make sure to find a gym buddy.  Avoid the weight gain! My friends and I hit the gym together on most days, attending classes and motivating each other. It makes going to the gym a lot more fun!

11.  Plan fun meet ups

Just because you’re on break doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends. Go into the city, go to a baseball game or just have a sleepover. Whatever it is, make sure to keep the memories going and see your friends over breaks!

12. Go on trips sponsored by your school

Every college student is on a budget but the two words student and discounts make every student happy. Take a look at the trips sponsored by your school like Broadway shows, baseball games or trips to Six Flags. The discounts are unbelievable and it’s fun to spend a day off-campus with your friends! I got a ticket and transportation to the Broadway show The Lion King for just $25! How amazing?

13. Bring out the popcorn!

Don’t feel like going out? No problem! Grab a bunch of your friends and have a movie night. Pick out your favorite movies and watch them into the early hours of the morning! Hello bonding time!

14. Go all out on birthdays

Wear a birthday tiara with a sash and embrace your birthday! Everyone deserves a huge celebration on his or her special day. Make sure to return the favor back to the friends that made your day so special by celebrating their birthday! Who doesn’t love gifts and best friends?
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15. Be silly at themed parties

College is all about having fun and being silly. Attend themed parties and have fun with them. There really won’t be any other time where wearing a sheet as a yoga will be acceptable so just go for it!

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Vicky Saperstein

Marist College | 12 stories

Vicky Saperstein is a senior at Marist College. Her favorite things include her dogs, the New York Yankees, photography and her friends. She is a communications major with a concentration in advertising and a photography minor. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Last semester, she studied abroad in London, England and fell in love with it! Her dream is to travel the world with her camera.

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