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15 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your College Experience

Every college student needs to have these items on their college bucket list!

By Chantel Burkes, Houston Community College

1. watch both the sunrise and sunset in one day

We can often get caught in the day-to-day motions and forget about the beauty that is right outside. Try to step away from you stress and see at least one of these marvels.

2. find that unexpected internship

When you think about an internship, you usually think about the one that looks best on your resume. Well, everyone needs that internship that changes their view on their future career and it may have nothing to do with your current major. Even the simplest things can alter your life and an unexpected internship may change the course of your studies and future career.

3. attend every single campus wide event

I am not talking about the numerous events held by every campus organization. I mean the large-scale campus wide events that are basically traditions by now. Go bang trashcan lids full of paint in a white t-shirt or join the entire campus with headphones and have the best silent rave ever!

4. make an ra friend

They are the people who monitor your floor, but they are also the ones who have been exactly where you are standing and know what’s going on. You may be surprised when you walk into their room and it looks like it belongs to a princess or they have a full gaming system sitting beside their TV. They may be there to monitor the building, but they are also fellow students and love to have fun just as much as you do. Who knows, you may make a new friend who has your new secret stash for chocolate or can be your campus recommendation one day.

5. spend an entire day outdoors

There will be plenty of time to be crammed indoors catching up on sleep or studying for a test that doesn’t happen for another 2 weeks. You need to spend the day outside and remember what real sunlight looks like. Go lay by a lake or have a picnic under a cluster of trees. Relax and enjoy the sunlight when you can because you don’t know when you will next get to see that there is a world beyond your textbooks.

6. find your study niche

Whether you love to study outside, with a group of people or inside an isolated study room, every student has to find their niche. Even if it is a specific table in a random coffee shop, it is still an important piece of your puzzle to find and can make all the difference.

7. study abroad!

This idea is on almost every college student’s wish list and it’s a necessity! It’s a once in a lifetime experience for most students and an opportunity like studying abroad can change your entire outlook on life.

8. join a club that has nothing to do with your major

Every college student should join one useless club while in college and by useless, I mean completely unrelated to their major. It’s easy to be that business student who is a part of every single business club on campus. Join a ballroom dancing club or a knitting group. Become a water polo team member to keep in shape or volunteer to help pick up the sport arenas to earn sideline tickets. Not everything has to benefit your future career path; sometimes it has to benefit you first.

9. yes, sleepovers are still cool!

Sleepovers will NEVER be uncool, especially in college! The amount of time a college student spends isolated, stressed, and tired is a huge portion of his or her college life and every person needs to cool off. Invite your friends, have a ridiculous movie marathon and eat all the junk food you want. You can save your stress for tomorrow.

10. become a group leader

This can apply to anything you are interested in. Become the president of a club, lead tour groups around campus, represent your school as a campus ambassador, or even be the unofficial fun leader of your group of friends.

11. go on a stay-cation

Vacations are not something a college student thinks about, so a stay-cation is the perfect option! This should be a relaxing day where you get your nails done, watch entire series of TV shows or just do whatever relaxes you. A stress-free day? PRICELESS!

12. attend a home game of a sport you think you don’t like

I am the first person to admit that I hate sports that I’ve never attended a game of. However, it is completely different when you experience a game in live rather than through a TV. Go try out all of your “boring” sports and see if you become a new fan!

college bucket list student life image

The Texas A&M game with a friend!

13. take a road trip with your friends

I think this idea speaks for itself. Go on a random trip for the weekend and do whatever catches your fancy. Spend the day at an Amusement Park, explore a town you’ve never been to before or maybe just point at a spot on the map and go!  Ever taken a trip to the next town over just to see what they have in their Wal-Mart?

14. spontaneity is the key!

BE SPONTANEOUS! College is stressful enough without you planning out every moment of your life. Don’t think about that project that is due in a month that you haven’t even started. Get out there and do something!

15. have a blast

College is supposed to be a major changing point in your life.  Make some lifelong friends, learn about yourself, and have a BLAST!

Chantel Burkes

Houston Community College | 6 stories

I am a communications major who loves all things social media. A Houston native for all of my life, I adore my city and my football! I look forward to expressing myself by writing about things that matter to me, no matter how simple.

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