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16 Awesome Facts about Wittenberg University and Its Hometown

Being a small liberal arts college in the middle of Ohio doesn’t make it less awesome. Because…

1. We are superstitious in our own way

The most sacred tradition is to never step on the seal. When it snows, you see footprints around the seal, but never on it. Don’t you even dare!


2. We are an animal friendly campus.

One of these cute service puppies have probably slept on your feet and melt your heart. Students can own and train one of these puppies for one semester. After training, these dogs will be best friends with every child with disabilities. And we have so many stray cats we call it Kittenberg.

3. Our Weaver Chapel is one of the most beautiful college cathedrals in the world.

Weaver Chapel

Weaver Chapel

4. #mytopcollege

In 2014, Wittenberg University was the only liberal arts college to land in the nation’s top 5 of Forbes’ #mytopcollege campaign amongst giant schools like Kansas State or Penn State . Needless to say, the power of the Tiger pride is absolutely transformative!

5. Our professors are more like friends and mentors than teachers.

They would be down to have a glass of margarita with you at the local bar. Or we d have the last day of class there.

A picture I took of my friend with his Spanish professor

A picture I took of my friend with his Spanish professor

6. Because our classroom experience is not restricted within the classroom

You can excavate on campus #diggingatWitt, or join a project of launching a balloon into space.

This is what we do on a Saturday

This is what we do on a Saturday

7. For outdoorsy people, you can kayak down at Buck Creek State Park or take a bike ride on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

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8. For a break from the school cafeteria, grab food at these awesome ethnic restaurant

The most popular is Taqueria Senor Piquin. They offer the best and cheapest Mexican street food. Hickory Inn has the best pizza hands down. There’s a Middle Eastern/shisha restaurant for some diversity. For a traditional mom-and-pops American restaurant, visit Mike and Rosy’s Deli. These are all local hidden gems!

9. Schuler’s Bakerymakes you not want to buy donuts anywhere else.

10. There is something for the street food lovers.

The town goes into a craze when there are about 50 food trucks gathered in one place serving a variety of food, from traditional American cuisine to authentic Japanese, Jamaican, Greek, Indian.

11. Springfield is known for its community murals!

The latest is this one painted on the YMCA building downtown, painted by an internationally known street artist and activist Joel Bergner and the Springfield community.

12. One day you will wander into Hartman Rock Garden.

One can never imagine this folk art wonderland actually exists in Springfield. It is virtually a miniature historical village made of pebbles and rock. It’s one of “odds of the world” that you will never see anywhere else.

13. Going to Yellow Springs would be your perfect little escapade from the college bubble.

It’s a hippie town that separates itself from the rest of the world. The scenery is spectacular! and hand-made goods are everywhere.

14. At Wittenberg, half your friends have gone to at least one foreign country while studying here.

And you probably have gone too.

15. You meet friends from all over the country and all over the world.


International Food Festival

16. You will probably have taken an awesome course that sounds like “How To Make Coffee”, “Vampires in Film and Fiction”, or play sports like Fencing

All these reasons make Wittenberg University home to just the best people you will ever meet.

Jane Ha

Wittenberg University | 6 stories

Hey, it's Jane. I recently graduated from Wittenberg University. I'm from Hanoi, Vietnam. During the last 5 years of studying and working in the US, I traveled extensively to different parts of the country as well as several countries in Asia. I like green tea and street food.

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