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16 Life Perks That Come From Traveling

To some people, traveling is a break from life; to others, it’s the best part of it.  Regardless of which one you are, we can all agree that traveling has its benefits:


1. An unparalleled confidence in yourself.

The foreign and often challenging situations you find yourself in overseas prove that you’re capable of handling anything. The people you strike up relationships with along the way only further reinforce that.

2. An increased sense of independence.

You learn to take care of yourself because you have to, and somewhere along the way it became natural.

3. A complete change in perspective.

If you have traveled abroad and still see all things the same as you did before you left, then you did it all wrong.

4. You’ll make relationships unlike any other.

Friendships overseas are different than ones at home; they didn’t watch you grow up, and they don’t necessarily have too much in common with you. Yet, you share meals and adventures and somehow become closer than you would have even expected or hoped.

5. You realize that a smile is the same in every language.

Traveling shows you how different life is for people in different countries but it also teaches you to find the unifying factors. People are people.

6. You pick up foreign languages.

Yes, being able to toast to a night out in 6 different languages is brag-worthy.

7. You’ll definitely get your steps in.

That fitbit contest between friends? You’ve got it in the bag. Famous landmarks within blocks of each other means a day full of foot traffic.

8. It makes your history classes come to life.

Maybe you were never interested in the way the ninth grade track coach taught human geography. However, the free walking tours that exist in most major cities are informative and also incredibly interesting.

9. You can watch all the latest movies on the plane.

Maybe it’s the movie you were curious about but weren’t sure was worth the money. Or the genre you love but can never get a friend to tag along to watch with you. Now’s your time.

10. The pictures are incomparable.

Because you can’t find the Eiffel in just any old city.

11. You become cultured without realizing it.

You won’t mean to name drop about that time you were at the Louvre, or when you walked past James Bond filming in London, but suddenly it’s apparent that all of those travel bucket lists have become your reality. And that’s pretty darn neat.

12. The opportunity to form your own opinions.

You’re no longer reliant on what you read or hear from others. You can meet people and see places for yourself. Learn to come to your own conclusions.

13. A diminished sense of importance and reliance on superficial objects.

After a trip abroad, your small town feels very small town. You reevaluate what’s deserving of your time and attention.

14. You discover your passions.

As you encounter new environments and ancient history, you come across the things that make you tick. You find the things that inspire you to stay up late and then wake up early again for them in the morning. There’s a whole world out there.

15. The hilarious misadventures.

As Murphy so knowingly put it, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” But it will go wrong in a language you don’t understand. At the most inopportune time. And it will make a heckuva story.

16. You get over the idea of what your life is “supposed to look like.”

Traveling is messy, but it’s beautiful. So is your life. You’ll never enjoy all the things your life could be if you’re too caught up in your idea of what it should be.


Honestly, the benefits of traveling are far too vast to be limited to a list.  They’re meant to be experienced, not merely read about.



Kelli Meyer

Texas A&M University | 8 stories

Howdy, I'm a junior international politics major at Texas A&M University. I have loved traveling since I first went to Africa for a mission trip when I was 15. I spent this past summer interning with a nonprofit in the south of Spain, and this coming spring I will be spending my semester in China. I'm psyched to share some of my adventures and perspectives through College Tourist.

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