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16 Party Personalities

What type of party personality are you?

By Lizi Woolgar

Whether you’re staying abroad in a hostel, studying abroad or university fresh meat (lolz, good luck), there’s nothing like a night out to get those mingling muscles a-workin’. As you meet people from different backgrounds, you’ll likely come across a rainbow of revelers’ personality types (not all good, unfortunately). Most of us will gradually become more aware of the different personalities our friends take on when they’ve had a few – sometimes totally different to their sober disposition. Some stand-out personalities will always fulfill their expected persona and become a sort-of guaranteed part of the night. Check out the following and see if they sound familiar at all…

1.       Attention-Demander

Probably the most charismatic party member. Generally loved by everyone – but no-one’s quite sure why – their unanimous popularity makes them a chill-target for most throughout the night.

2.       Attention-Seeker

Yes, there is a HUGE difference between demander and seeker. Seekers will often be found whining, crying or generally kicking up a fuss over nothing. Typical culprits will be couples that should have split up a million years ago or delusional females. (Sorry gals).

3.       Peer-Pressurer

They usually come into their own early at pre-drinks. More often male than female (but I can imagine rugby/hockey girls are similar), they will encourage friends to ‘down it’ upon launching into the ‘we love to drink with X’ chant. Will continue to instigate chants throughout the entire walk to desired location; no-one is really sure if they like them or not.

4.       Peer-Pressuree

Poor guy trying to impress his football or rugby seniors. A true victim of drinking games, he will crumble under the alcoholic-pressure and will only actually make it to the club 50% of the time.

Victims of peer pressure

Victims of peer pressure

5.       The Vocal Bore

Some people forget how to behave politely in social situations, I think. Or they just don’t care enough to try. You will generally find at least one individual walking around grumbling about how bored they are; relentlessly trying to recruit a team to ditch for a grimy underground club (that plays strictly DEEP HAUS of course).

6.       The Corner-Hugger

For one reason or another, this gal or guy has been forced into a social situation they really would have rather avoided. You will find them hugging the corner of a room pretending to text and counting down the hours until it is acceptable to leave. Probably would be happier watching Harry Potter in bed with a mug of tea. Guys, it’s OK: go home!

7.       The ‘Fashionably’ Late One

This tends to go one of two ways. If this person also exhibits attention-demander behaviour, their lateness will only work in their favour. They will be greeted with raucous screams of gratitude; “you should be honoured by my lateness” comes to mind. However, if of a slightly more nervous disposition, said individual will frantically play ‘catch-up’ and end up with the same unhappy ending as Mr. Peer-Pressuree.

8.       Aloof-Radiator

These are the hardest nuts to crack at parties. They will typically be surrounded by a group of a few friends all night, deemed quirky enough to be within 1m of them. Usually the best-dressed at the party, there often seems to be no other reason for their attendance than to shoot ‘so-over-it’ glances across the room. If you manage to hold an engaging conversation with this one – or even get a smile – then well done, you have outfoxed life’s most intimidating species.

9.       Bipolar Drunk

We’ve all seen this a million times. I would say it is more common in the male species. Consists of a perfectly jovial, friendly guy turning into the actual Hulk after one too many cans of LAD (beer). They will purposefully start fights, break things and turn literally crimson with anger, but will remember none of it the following day. Yeahhh, real impressive boys.

10.   The Social Butterfly

Similar to the attention-demander, but makes more of a conscious effort to please everyone. Again, unanimously liked, this person will have a faultless technique of making genuinely engaging conversation with anyone in the room. Fearless and never intimidated, they will also exhibit exemplary self-control when it comes to drinking, gaining respect for their well-balanced lifestyle. As close as I’ve ever got is dressing up as a butterfly.

Theme Party

11.   Quiet and Interesting

Often also found hugging walls, but for a different reason than being terrified. If female, will usually be dressed as some kind of understated ethereal beauty; a quirkiness so enticing yet not at all intimidating. Will usually wear glasses and unkempt hair if male and indulge in a weirdly mature drink of choice (aka whisky, scotch). The conversation may be a little stiff at first, but once you’re in, you will be hooked to their thought-provoking anecdotes and cultured learnings all night.

12.   Super Keen-o

Probably will be the first to arrive and behaviour will reflect an over-excited puppy dog about to go for a walk the first time. Relentlessly keen to please everyone, they will probably be offering their drink or make-up to anyone that will listen. Can be embarrassing to watch, but be patient with them. They will calm down and are actually kind, generous and a guaranteed bundle of fun.

13.   The Vocaliser

They just always have something to say don’t they. For some reason, some people feel the need to justify to the ENTIRE ROOM why they are still sober/too drunk/about to get #WhiteGirlWasted. They will start every conversation along the lines of ‘I’m just so drunk because I didn’t have dinner’. OK? What do I say back…?

14.   Sloppy Mess

If a naturally clumsy individual mixes with a shot or two, this is what you’ll get. They are often long-limbed yet forget the length of themselves, resulting in thwacking unsuspecting victims in the face or bulldozing everything in their path. Really funny to watch but not, I would imagine, if it’s in your room.

15.   The Conversation-Repeater

I have witnessed this oh-so many times. Can be caused by a number of reasons, the two most prominent being a) poor conversation skills and b) poor drinking control. If someone socially awkward finds a good conversation starter, you will often hear them using this starter all over the room, making the exact same joke every time (once they figured out it was a hit). Secondly, if your friend is drunkenly repeating the exact same question or anecdote over and over to you, you have to film them. They will be adamant the following day that they ‘absolutely did not say that more than once’ and you will be forever subjected to this denial until you make them eat their words. Is pretty entertaining until you come into contact with bouncers.

16.   The Straggler

In a club, particularly in bigger ones in unfamiliar territory (i.e. Fresher’s Week), you will always come across a good few party-goers that have lost their friends. Some won’t care and will immediately latch onto you. Some will cry and need saving. Take them under your wing, make friends and think of all the good karma you’re racking up (I’m kidding, just be a good person!). You might need repaying someday.

I’d imagine this all sounds pretty familiar to a lot of you. Hopefully, you don’t see this as me claiming to be any better than the above characters. I am, by nature, unbelievably awkward, pretty clumsy and have definitely embarrassed myself in result of this a good few times. But I’m still young; it’s all a learning curve isn’t it?  So for now, just sit back and have a bit of fun people-watching on nights out. Get a good old look at these characters in their natural (or in some cases incredibly unnatural) habitat.

Lizi Woolgar

University of Bristol | 40 stories

Graduate of University of Bristol. Having spent my first two years of University writing for the student newspaper, epigram and Brighton-based Spindle Magazine, I then went on to edit the Style section of Epigram 2012-2013. Now keen to pursue a career in journalism/editorial work, I look forward to writing my weekly column for The College Tourist, all the while seeing where my writing and travel will take me.

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