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17 Reasons Why You Need To Be Under The African Sky

Put South Africa On Your Bucket List:

South Africa is located at the most southern tip of Africa.  South Africa has some of the oldest archaeological and human fossil sites. There are a totally of 11 languages spoken.There are two cities where you will not want to miss, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Cape Town is known as mini America and also a great for tourism. Johannesburg is more north but known for great safaris. Wherever you go South Africa, you will fall in love with the people, food and scenery.


1.Robben Island:  A grandfather as everyone calls him, was a man that fought for freedom, and served in prison for 18 years is Nelson Mandela. Robben Island is an island off of Cape Town, where prisons, mostly politician, were held because they spoke out against the government. The island today is a popular tourism site because of the formal president Nelson Mandela. Prisons that were held there give tours.


2. Stellenbosh:  If you love wine or want to go wine tasting, Stellenbosh is your destination. The wineries give tours on how the wine production started and have wine tasting. As a bonus the vineyard will ship your wine to your house so you don’t have to add more pounds to your luggage.

red wine

3. Boulder Beach:  Boulder Beach is the home of African Penguins. Located in the Cape Peninsula near Simon’s Town. These penguins are in the open so they can bite. Due to the overload of public they have built a boardwalk so the penguins do not get disturbed.

south Africa

4. Table Mountain:  Take a hike up Table Mountain or take the cableway up or down. Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain that is overlooking the city. Take the easy way up, which is the Platteklip Gorge route. If you want a more adventures way of coming down, abseil down half way then hike the rest. On top of the mountain they have a restaurant and a souvenir shop. The view up the mountain will keep you speechless. You will see the crisp blue ocean surrounding you in all directions

.table Mountain

5. Long Street:  Weather you want to go to the flee market, restaurant or clubbing this is the place. Located in the City Bowl, Long Street has amazing vendors that will give you a deal you will not be able to resist, perfect for gifts. There are hostels for those who are traveling alone. There are rows of ethnic restaurants that will call you back. The nightlife will keep you up all night. This is the perfect place for hangouts.

6. Safari (Pilanesberg National Park, Johannesburg):  You cannot leave South Africa without seeing a safari. Pilanesberg is a memorizing game reserve. You can enjoy the lodge, hot air balloon safari or a jeep safari. Here you will be able to see all kinds of animals. If you are lucky you might get to see the Big 5 (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and white/black rhinoceros). Perfect time to visit is April to September (during the winter) because the trees are dead and the animals will be easier to spot.

safari, South Africa

7. Apartheid Museum: The Apartheid Museum is located in Johannesburg. The museum gives detailed information about the apartheid and the 20th century history of South Africa. It will take about 2 hours to go through the museum.

 Apartheid Museum

8. Bo-Kaap:  Colorful houses as they are referred to. In the old days they didn’t have addresses so instead they colored their houses. This town is mostly made up of Muslim culture. It is just a half a mile away from Long Street.


9. Great White Shark Cage Diving in Kleinbaai:  South Africa is known for the amazing great white sharks. Take a dive in with Marine Dynamics and see the beauty of the great whites. If safety is a concern do not worry. You will be placed you in a cage, that is attached to the boat so you will not be going anywhere. They will provide you with goggles and a wet suit. They will bring the sharks to you. Marine Dynamics will take you on a tour to see seals after the dive. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

Shark Diving, South Africa

10. Cape Of Good Hope: Cape of Good Hope is the southern most point on the continent. It is a great place where you can take a small hike and see the view from top or simply climb some rocks and you will be on the edge. It offers a spectacular scenery of the southern portion of Cape Peninsula.
Cape Of Good Hope

11. Muizenberg:  Ever seen pictures of the colorful beach houses that are placed in the middle of nowhere on a beach? Well it is here in Muizenberg. Muizenberg is not only known for the colorful beach houses but also surfing. It is known as the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. It is a great place to catch the waves or just to get a tan. There are many places nearby to check out.


12. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: Also known as the VA Waterfront is a great place for shopping, dining, watching sports or going to the aquarium. The VA Waterfront has amazing views of the Table Mountain, City of Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean. They have over 450 low and high-end stores. This is a one-stop place you will find everything you need. Definitely take up the whole day just going from one end to the other.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

13. University of Cape Town (UCT):  UCT is the oldest university in South Africa. They have many exchange students as well as study abroad students. UCT will not disappoint you. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for all the stairs and hills.

University of Cape Town (UCT):

14. FIFA World Cup Stadiums:  The FIFA World Cup in 2010 was held in South Africa. There are a total of 10 stadiums. Johannesburg has two stadiums called Soccer City and Ellis Park Stadium. Soccer City held the opening and closing ceremony. The other cities that have a stadium are Cape Town (picture below), Durban, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, , Pretoria, Polokwane, and Nelspruit. The Cape Town Stadium has tours on Tuesday from 12-4 for 45R (time and price may change).

fifa world cup stadium

15. Rhodes Memorial:  Rhodes Memorial is located on Devil’s Peak near the UCT campus. It is a memorial for Cecil John Rhodes. Rhodes was a South African politician. The memorial has 49 steps, for each year of his life. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee.

 Rhodes Memorial:

16. Soweto Townships:  Soweto Township is the largest township in South Africa with a population of over 1,000,000. Townships are the underdeveloped areas. You can take tours with a guide where they will show you how these township members live without proper services. These townships are poorly constructed with little or no water or electricity. They are in need of major repairs.

 Soweto Townships:

17. Nelson Mandela Square: Nelson Mandela Square is a urban shopping center in Sandton. There is a large statue built in honor of him. It is attached to Sandton City Shopping Mall. It is a great place for hangouts.

 Nelson Mandela Square:

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