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18 Apps and Websites you need to be using while travelling

Apps and Websites that will help you make the most out of your next trip

Skyscanner: Used for searching cheap flight deals, skyscanner is one of the best flight search engines currently available. If you are flexible with flight dates or where you want to go then you can search for the cheapest flights from your city using the “everywhere” function or the “cheapest month” option. It has both an app and website.


Uber: No longer do you need to be worried about being ripped off by taxi drivers in foreign countries. Uber is an app that allows car owners to provide cheaper transport for anyone needing it. You search through the app and can pay either through the app or by using cash. Drivers must be certified before they can carry passengers and you can leave references on completion of the ride.


Couchsurfing: The king of apps and websites for connecting with locals. Most people think couchsurfing is only for travellers searching for free local accommodation while travelling. However most cities also hold weekly couchsurfing meet ups or you can even make a public trip to just connect with locals in the destination of your choice. Locals can provide better information than any guidebook ever could.


Tripadvisor: Need to check a review of a restaurant, hotel or attraction? Give it a search on tripadvisor to see what other customers have said about it. Be sure to read reviews with a grain of salt as quality can change over time. Tripadvisor can be a great way to find top cafes and restaurants in your area.


Wikitravel: This should be pretty self-explanatory by the title but for those who don’t know wikitravel is the wikipedia for all travel related information. Just search a location and get all the information provided by users. Some information may be outdated so do be aware.


Instagram: In need of travel inspo? Instagram should be your go to. Start a list of all the inspiring places you see on your feed so that if you ever get to travel to that country you have a starting point of sites to visit. You can also search for photos from a particular location to see what it really looks like out of the travel magazines.


Trover: A similar app to instagram trover allows you to see user’s photos from locations near you. You can see how many kilometres away the photo was taken and you can also search for locations. This provides a different way of discovering new spots for photos when you arrive at your location.


Project Visa: Each country has its own visa requirements depending on your home country. At times it can seem impossible to know what you really need to stay in a country. With project visa you can quickly search a country to see what visa requirements it has. Keep in mind that these change and it is best to confirm the check with a quick look on the country’s foreign travel website.


Google Maps: Google maps can get even the most navigable inept person to their destination. You can download offline areas and key in locations while away from wifi. You can also make special saved maps of places you’ve been or places you want to go during your travels. This is both an app and website.


Hostelworld: Hostelworld is both an app and website designed for the sole purpose of booking travel hostels. This will be in your list if you’re a budget tight backpacker and you can get emails to find out about discounts on particular hostels. Sometimes the range can be limited for certain locations so back up your research with other websites as mentioned below.


Whatsapp: Whatsapp is an app that provides an easy way to keep in contact with people no matter what country their living in. You can send text messages or voice messages over wifi using this free app. Therefore it eliminates the issue of international texts and calls pricing.


Seat61: Everything you need to know about overland travel around the world. Seat61 started as a website especially for information on train travel however it has expanded to bus travel as well. It provides links to book tickets online or locations of ticket booths when online booking is not possible. It also provides reviews on the quality of trains and user’s experiences onboard them.


Rome2Rio: Not sure if flying, train travel, bus or private transport is your best option? Use the website Rome2Rio to solve this problem for you. By entering in your origin and destination it provides all the transport options you have and their average price for comparison.


AirBnB: Going on a group weekend trip and want a place to yourself? AirBnB is like the uber of accommodation. It allows you to book out private accommodation in various locations. You could end up staying in treehouses, apartments with rooftop infinity pools or jungle villas. It is priced per night rather than per bed so depending on the size of the accommodation it can be cheap if you book with a group.


Agoda: Agoda is another accommodation booking website. It is the best option for Asia and consistently brings up cheaper options for the same beds compared to Hostelworld. It also allows you to pay online using debit card so you won’t need to get as much cash out during your travels.


Snapchat: A little bit of travel bragging never hurt anybody. Keep your family and friends up to date with your current whereabouts by sharing daily snap stories. Don’t fret if you don’t have data or wifi as you can always post a snap and then repost it when you reach a connection. Add fellow travelers you meet on the road to see their adventures and gain inspiration.

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Wish you could start making friends with people before you arrive at each destination? Tired of searching the internet for things to do while your there? Flypside enables you to connect with other people before and during your travels. You can also view and book tickets to events, tours and more.

Lightroom: Both an app and a download for laptops lightroom is your best option for professional looking photo editing. If you are travelling with your laptop you can edit photos on your laptop and they will then be transferred to your phone app. The app is free however the creative cloud package comes with a monthly cost.


Tinder: Definitely the most contreversial on the list which is why it is last. The word tinder conjures up images of tacky pick up lines and one night stands. But if you look past the raunchy connotation the app can be very useful for travel. By using it once you arrive at your destination you can connect with locals or fellow travellers who can give you up to date travel tips on your new destination. If you’re a solo traveller you can also meet up with individuals. This is at your discretion and always be cautious when agreeing to meet up.

18 Apps and Websites you need to be using while travelling

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