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18 Ways You Know You Went to College in North Carolina

Pull up Your Adirondack Chair, College in the Carolinas.

1) The entire city shuts down on the possibility of snow.

carolinas, snow, charlotte, image


2) You return home (out of the south) and your family gives you questioning looks because you said “thanks dear”, “here ya go sweetie”, and “y’all”.

3) Going to the beach is just a normal weekend away, so is going to the mountains, they’re both so close!

Buck, Carolina beach

Buck, blue ridge parkway

4) Duke Tower image is drawn in Pictionary to identify the entire city of Charlotte.

duke energy, duke tower, charlotte, carolinas, image

5) Your apartment swimming pool is open year-round.

swimming pool, pool, sunny, summer, carolinas, image


6) You define different shades of blue as either Carolina or Duke.



7) Breakfast isn’t the same without a bowl of grits.

breakfast, grits, image


8) A night of summer fun includes school bus racing.

gif, school bus, racing

9) You know what “it’s Bo Time” means.
bojangles, bo time, carolinas, image

(Courtesy of Gayle Melges, JWU Charlotte)


10) Christmas at the racetrack is tradition.


11) You’ll never miss that trivia question “where did Pepsi originate?”
pepsi, carolinas,image

(Courtesy of Gayle Melges, JWU Charlotte)

12) Biltmore – ‘nuff said.

biltmore, asheville, carolinas, image

 13) You discover places like Lizard Lick.

lizard lick, carolinas, image

 14) You realize that all the trees are beautiful, however, the pollen they leave you, is not.

pollen, carolinas, image


15) Fog!

fog, charlotte, uptown, image


16) There’s a Waffle House everywhere you turn.


17) Christmas feels just a little bit different…

southern christmas, images


18) With great weather nearly year-round, your Student Government sets up traditional Carolina Adirondack chairs in February!
Adirondack chairs, spring, charlotte, image

(Courtesy of Mark Smith Jr., JWU Charlotte)

Christian Buck

Johnson & Wales University | 12 stories

Christian is a Sports, Entertainment, & Event Management alumna from Johnson & Wales University Charlotte campus. Texas born, Colorado raised, North Carolina educated, with an Australian study abroad. No regrets, just lessons learned. "Cause if you never leave home/never let go/you'll never make it to the great unknown/till you keep your eyes open" - NEEDTOBREATHE

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