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20 Budget Life Hacks for England

How to Enjoy England on a Limited Budget

England can be a very pricey city to live in.  Not only is the currency weighed the most expensive to the American dollar but some of your favorite things can hit your wallet pretty hard.   If you play your cards correctly you can still enjoy all that England has to offer without breaking the bank!

1.  Taxis

If you must take a taxi to your destination and the city bus is no longer running, the most cost effective way is traveling in large groups.  Taxi fairs are much cheaper with large groups.

london cab study abroad image

2. Student Nights are the Best Night to Party

Many clubs and bars hold student nights offering discount admission and great prices on your favorite drinks.

3. Paying for the Potty

In large cities such as London, in order to use the public restrooms individuals are required to pay a small fee of 30p – 50p.  These pricey potties can be found in train or bus stations.

paying for the bathroom london image

4. Put that Tip Away

In the UK tipping is not required, whether its your taxi driver or at a restaurant.  Keep the tip to yourself!

5. The More the Merrier and the Cheaper

Before you plan that weekend trip with a few close friends, research weekend trips your university or an organization could be hosting.  Weekend trips are much cheaper when they are played for large groups of people.

6. Traveling for a Discount

Student discount cards are offered to students for great prices on coach tickets and train tickets.  These discount cards are offered at a small fee but are for sure worth it.

7. PRIMARK is Bargain Shopping Heaven

If you are a trendy student but are forced to shop on a budget, then Primark is the store for you!  From linens to fashionable clothes anything can be found in Primark at a very great price.

8.  Museums for Uni Students

England is filled with multiple museums that cover a wide array of interest.  Many of these museums are free or just ask for a small donation.  But not all museums are free.  For those that do have an admission fee, student discounts are always offered.  So always remember to keep your student card with you!

National Gallery London England free museum image

The National Gallery in London, England. One of the many free museums.

9. Search High and Low on Student Universe.

When it comes to booking flights, Sky Scanner is your best friend.  Sky Scanner is a website that searches the web for some of the cheapest flights to any destination.

10. Who Needs an Expensive Hotel when we have Hostels?

When traveling on a small budget, fancy hotels are not an option.  Hostels offer a great traveling experience, not only are they cheap but many also offer free breakfast.  Many rooms hold up to 6 – 8 bunk beds.

11. Keep an Open Travel Schedule

Try to plan ahead and keep an open travel window when booking train and plane tickets.  Different times of the month can be cheaper than others.

12. Skip The Ticket Line at the Stadium and Buy Online or At Uni

Tickets to different sporting events are always cheaper either online or at your university.  Many universities allow students to purchase tickets in the student union for local sporting events.

13. Free Educational Tours Around your Favorite City

Skip spending loads of money on guided tours.  A few companies offer free walking tours around many popular cities such as London.  Uni students studying courses related to history offer these tours free of charge.  It is recommended to tip the tour guides after the tour.

14. Don’t Be Lazy, Take A Walk

England is filled with many beautiful pastures and scenes.  Avoid taking the city bus or a taxi and just enjoy a nice walk around the many beautiful cities.

walkint tour study abroad image

15. Just Stick with Catered Accommodations

If you are not a picky eater and your university offers catered accommodations, this is the best choice.  Living in catered accommodations allows you to eat at the dining hall saving loads of money on groceries.  And if one day you have an urge to whip something up on your own, accommodations often have community kitchens as well.

16. Check out Local Markets for Both Cheap and Fresh Produce when Grocery Shopping

Some of the freshest produce can be found at local markets throughout the city.  Much of the produce at the markets are locally grown by farmers!

17. Avoid purchasing those pricey maps at tourist stands

While navigating around those busy cities apps such as Google Maps are your best friend.  Maps are also posted on multiple street corners throughout the city.

england map student travel image

18. Check Out the Many Vintage Stories England has to Offer

There are so many vintage stories throughout many cities in England.  Some of the coolest things can be found, from cool hats to great reads.  Vintage stores are an adventure in itself.

england vintage stores study abroad image

19.  Layers are a yes in the fashion world

There is no need to make multiple trips to the mall to refresh your wardrobe.  In England layering is the thing to do.  Not only does it give you new ways to wear different articles of clothing but layering up also helps keep you warm during those cold, wet, English days.

20. Always Keep Your Student ID With

Believe it or not your student card holds much power! Places such as museums, bars, clubs, restaurants, hostels, cinemas, and so many other locations offer great discounts with just a simple flash of a student ID card!

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