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20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe.

Include these staple wardrobe items in your campus closet & be ready for anything.

1. LBD: This is the go-to dress, go into your closet when all else fails, grab your little black dress (like these) and change the accessories, tights one day, boots the next, and for girls night out throw on those stilettos.

2. SKINNY PANT: A wardrobe staple, worn with a high boot, your ballet flats, whether your style is a skinny jean or an edgy leather leg in.  This is flattering for all body types.

3. SCARF: Keep warm while looking like a fashion Diva, a must have staple for warmth.  Or you can just polish your look and accessorize from preppy to boho to cosmopolitan, there is a scarf for every look. (take a look at these)

4. MOTORCYCLE JACKET: Throw it over your LBD for a night on the town or a pair with your skinny jeans and the classic white T-shirt. (we love these)

ignighted-fedora5. FEDORA HAT: this is our cherry on the cake item.  The Fedora is about style and looking polished, summer or winter.  If you feel like flying under the radar that day, it’s a perfect accessory piece.  P.S. Don’t forget your shades or lipstick.

6. FLAT MOTORCYCLE BOOT: Team it up with shorts, bare legs or with tights.  Your skinny jeans or get the hipster look and wear them with a dress from Urban Outfitters. (look here)

7. SUNGLASSES: Get your classic look with a pair of Aviators or Clubmasters from Rayban.  If you’ve had a long night of study  or a late GNO and you want to cover those late night eyes, sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.

8. CLUTCH: A great clutch can give you a stylish daytime look or take along a more embellished one for the evenings. (so many to choose from)

9. BELT: No matter what your fashion taste, whether bohemian, preppy or classic, you can find a belt to enhance your look.

10. MANI-PEDI: Whether it’s at dorm room spa night or the local nail bar, because we all need a little bit of pampering.

louis vuitton11. TOTE: In a busy college girl’s life, she needs to be ready to run to class or on the campus commons and in the gym.  A classy tote is a must have and the ‘motherhood’ tote is the Louis Vuitton Never Full GM tote. (more options here)

12. GOLD HOOPS: Never leave your dorm room without a pair of earrings.  If not the gold hoops, then perhaps some diamond or pearl studs.

13. BALLET FLAT: A wardrobe staple for that long walk across campus or shopping in your college town.  The look is chic whether you choose the red soles or the fabulous faux. (avail here)

14. BASIC BLACK WORKOUT GEAR:  Tight spandex to yoga pants, combine these basic black necessities with your favorite campus team sweater.

15. TRENCH:  Dress in layers depending on the weather, pair it with a basic white T or a basic cashmere sweater. (A true fashion basic)

16. CASHMERE SWEATER:  It doesn’t have to be the real thing, as long as it has the look and feel. (try these)

17. BASIC WHITE T-SHIRT: It can be casual and simple or adorned with a sequined collar, make it fit your personality.  Loose and slouchy with a skinny jean or a fitted look with a pencil skirt. Lux for less tip: YSL or H&M. (more here)

18. SHORTS: If you want to continue you summer wardrobe into the winter, team it up with heavy tights and your motorcycle boots.  Then rock it with your Fedora! (avail here)


19. HEELS: Invest in high heels, platform or stilettos BUT it has to be something you can walk in.  Oh, and remember, when you are walking in them, OWN IT!! (SHOES!!!)

20. SMILE:  The most essential item is free. Your smile will rock any outfit you choose!


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  1. […] 20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

  2. […] 20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

  3. […] 20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

  4. […]  20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

  5. […] 20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

  6. […] 20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe. […]

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