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20 Things Every Hofstra Student Knows To Be True

Hofstra pride, We love it!

1. The beautiful campus was definitely a main factor in your college decision.

2. If you are late for class, there will be no parking spots.

3. If you are early for class, there will still be no parking spots.

4. You know Hofstra sweatpants are basically the only acceptable apparel for finals week.

5. You know exactly what a unispan is, but nobody else does.

6. You know our  football team is undefeated, and non existent.

7. You love how 1 minute turns to 10 on the washing machines.

8. Late night breakfast is a greatly appreciated tradition during finals.

9. You are guilty of snapchatting at least one Hofstra cat at least once.

10.You’ve attended events for the sole reason that you will receive a free t-shirt.

11.You’ve attended events for the free food,especially at the end of the semester (gotta love meal plans)

12. Every late night will inevitably end with you and your friends buying all of dutch.

13. All is fair in trying to get dinner in the student center around 6pm.

14. You had to learn how to maneuver the student center without taking every pamphlet on the way to class.

15. You’ve been caught in a game of Hofstra vs Zombies at least once.

16. If you wait until the morning of the print a paper, prideprint will not work.

17. Being scared by the hofstra squirrels and cats has become a part of your morning commute.

18. Any meal plan you choose will always run out.  Accept it.

19. You know the wrath of Lackmann prices.

20. Despite every good and bad that comes with being a Hofstra student, you know you are going to miss it when it’s time to graduate.


Gabrielle Murphy

Hofstra University | 7 stories

Gabrielle is a sophomore currently studying marketing at Hofstra University. She is a born and raised New Yorker who can’t leave her house without a good book and her journal. Her first experience abroad included performing in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria. She is currently planning to study abroad in Europe and she looks forward to learning and experiencing all that the world has to offer.

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