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20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About New Zealand

Unique things found in the land of Kiwis

1) There are no public drinking fountains
2) You will never be more than 140 kilometres (87 miles) from the coast
3) There are at least 2 things that are world famous… in New Zealand: L&P (drink) and Fergburger (burger)

l and p

4) When flying, carry-ons may only weigh 7 kilograms (15 pounds)
5) There are no crazy poisonous animals or insects
6) The “wh” is pronounced as “fuh” in Maori words


7) It literally offers everything within close proximity of each other: mountains, coast, valleys, snow, sun, thermal pools, volcanic craters
8) Bio-security is highly enforced – which probably helps with keeping it 100% Pure
9) Kiwi style hotdogs = American style corndogs
10) There are free Wi-Fi booths throughout most cities

free wifi

11) Paua is a type of Abalone shell exclusively found in the shallows of New Zealand’s shoreline
12) Marmite is the Kiwi version of Australian Vegemite
13) The New Zealand dollar note is a waterproof plastic, not paper
14) New Zealanders are responsible and credited with the creation of the Bungy Jump, tranquilizer gun, seismic base isolaters, electric fences, and many others
15) Auckland is built on extinct volcanoes, you’ll find craters and evidence all over


16) In New Zealand, Good Friday and Easter Monday are observed as public holidays where all shops are required to be closed (with a few exceptions like restaurants), however Easter Sunday they are allowed to be open
17) Talk to a Kiwi and find that you haven’t really been to New Zealand unless you’ve traveled to the South Island as well
18) New Zealand is known as one of the most ethical countries in the world for business, government, environment etc…
19) Flying from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand is about the same distance as flying within Australia from Sydney to Alice Springs
20) Every place you go out-does the previous and every visit you make is entirely too short. You’re going to love it

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Christian is a Sports, Entertainment, & Event Management alumna from Johnson & Wales University Charlotte campus. Texas born, Colorado raised, North Carolina educated, with an Australian study abroad. No regrets, just lessons learned. "Cause if you never leave home/never let go/you'll never make it to the great unknown/till you keep your eyes open" - NEEDTOBREATHE

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