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24 Hrs in Dallas, Where to Go, What to Do

Everything from Cupcakes to the Katy Trail.

By Kelsey Reynolds, Southern Methodist University

American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center

The only way to start your day off in Dallas is with brunch and the choices for your fuel are endless. Brunching has become a culture for Dallasites, here are some of our favorite brunch spots to hit. If you want to brunch “SMU” style then visit Penne Pomodoro in Snider Plaza. You can order off their brunch or regular Italian menu just be sure to make your meal an entrée sized portion so you’re eligible for the $1 mimosa special. Villa-O is another restaurant with a great drink special. This restaurant is on Travis Street and is easily spotted by their blue and white awnings and welcoming atmosphere. The local favorite for brunching has to be Bread Winners. They have a location on Lovers Lane and Uptown to better fit your brunching needs. Bread Winners has an extensive menu that will appeal to any of your stomach’s desires. They start off the meal with homemade breads and each location also has a full bakery so you will be set for the day.

After polishing off brunch it’s time to visit the hot spots of Dallas. Number one on the list is The Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is a 3.5-mile long path that stretches throughout Dallas, offering exercise, scenery and drinks along the way. The Katy trail is home to the runners, walkers, bikers, in line skaters, and dog walkers of Dallas; any mode of transportation is welcomed and accepted on the trail! One of the best ways to experience the trail is to enter at Dedo’s place and walk to the American Airlines Center, that path gives you a great balance of exercise and Dallas scenery, for your return trip make a stop at The Katy Trail Ice House. Known to locals as “ice house”, this indoor/outdoor bar offers trail goers the perfect break with picnic benches, outdoor games, and cool drinks. If being outdoors isn’t your thing then try visiting The Sixth Floor Museum. The museum is on the sixth and seventh floors of the building and chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. This museum isn’t just for history buffs, the exhibit is done in a way that appeals to people of all ages and is a significant landmark. I would suggest designating an hour and a half to two hours at The Sixth Floor.

katy trail ice house dallas texas

Katy Trail Ice House

If you are looking for an afternoon pick me up after your activities I would recommend JD’s Chippery or Sprinkles Cupcakes. JD’s is one of the best-kept secrets in Dallas. Located on the corner of Hillcrest it serves fresh cookies and muffins that are to die for. JD’s only accepts cash but don’t worry if you only carry cards they have a machine in store to help you make the transaction. I swear every time I walk into JD’s they are taking out another fresh batch of cookies, the warm melt in your mouth delights won’t disappoint. If you’re not a cookie lover then head over to Sprinkles in Preston Plaza. Dallas is fortunate to be home to this specialty cupcake chain with popular flavors: red velvet, black and white, and vanilla milk chocolate. If you’re on Twitter be sure to follow Sprinkles in hopes of seeing the whisper word! Every so often Sprinkles will release a whisper word for customers to whisper for a free cupcake while supplies last.


Sprinkles Cupcakes

You can’t come to Dallas without having Tex-Mex! My personal favorite is Mi Cocina, located in Highland Park Village and West Village. To start off the night order a bowl of queso and guacamole and a round of margaritas. Mi Cocina’s extensive menu has a dish for everyone; I would recommend the fajitas or enchiladas. If you are dining at Mi Cocina on a Friday or Saturday night though be prepared for a wait! Other Dallas Tex-Mex favorites include: Bandito’s, Mattito’s and Gloria’s.

There are so many ways to spend your night in Dallas but I’ve done the hard task of narrowing it down to just two choices. One, you can visit the American Airlines Center. The event of the night will vary depending on when you’re in town but regardless be prepared for a night of fun. The American Airlines Center is home to the Dallas Mavericks, Stars and top performing artists. There is nothing better than a live show at the American Airlines Center, Coldplay blew my mind last summer and the atmosphere at the Mav’s games is always exciting. Two, you can explore Dallas through the Uptown nightlife. Uptown is home to numerous bars and pubs each with their own unique identity. Have you always wanted to ride a bull? Then head to Trophy Room on McKinney, if you’re looking for vintage arcade games then head to Kung Fu on Routh. Take the night to explore the different watering holes Dallas has to offer and socializing with the different crowds that hangout at each of them. Uptown even has a trolley that you can hop on if you’re tired of standing at the bar. The trolley service, M-Line, runs 365 days a year and is free of charge.

These are just my suggestions for a day in Dallas but whatever you end up doing is sure to be a good time in this wonderful city.

M-Line Trolley, Ride Free Everyday.

M-Line Trolley, Ride Free Everyday.


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