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30 Reasons You Know You Go To Cal Poly

The life as a Cal Poly Mustang

1. WOW week is the best week of the year

Everyone celebrates the last week of summer before the school year starts and welcomes in the new freshmen or, as we like to call them, Wowies!

2. You bring tortillas to soccer games

The biggest sporting event of the year is the rivalry soccer game against UC Santa Barbara. Everyone wears their “Buck the Gauchos” shirts with tortillas under to sneak inside. During big plays of the game you can see tortillas flying through the air like Frisbees. Go Cal Poly!

3. Many evenings your entire Instagram feed is sunsets

You will always be amazed by the beautiful sunsets.

Sunset image

Sunset view from our roof, photo creed: Jackie Abeyta

4. You have great calf muscles from walking uphill both ways

The entire campus is one big hill that you will always find yourself walking up.

5. Girls wear yoga pants and running shoes on a daily basis

Never assume they went to the gym, sometimes that’s just their wardrobe.

6. You’re only a 30 minute drive from zebras and elephant seals

Big Sur is a short drive away and you definitely did a double take the first time you saw the zebras outside Hearst Castle.

7. You know what the strange thing called a “Hipster Cowboy” is

The result of a clash of people coming from all over California

8. You spend just as much time at the beach in January as you do in June

It’s 75 degrees in January and the beach is 10 minutes away, why wouldn’t you?

Beach image

Avila Beach, photo creed: Jackie Abeyta

9. You are never surprised to see people larping in Santa Rosa Park on a Saturday morning

For those of you who don’t know, larping mean Live Action Role Playing. Every Saturday morning, you’ll pass the park and see people fight with fake weapons and you don’t even think twice.

10. You get excited for the first Thursday of every month because it means it’s BIKE NIGHT!

Each month is a different theme. Hundreds of people dress up, get on their bikes, and ride around downtown. What could be better?

11. You have a beer named after your area code

805 is the beer of choice on a Friday or Saturday night.

12. Whenever you get out of town, In N Out is a luxury

When you go on any trip for the weekend it is an unspoken known fact that the first stop will be In N Out to get a burger and a milkshake.

13. You know to watch out for the wild turkeys

During the spring, when walking back to the dorms as a freshman, you have to be careful not to get in between a mama turkey and her babies!

14. You get confused when it’s raining

When it’s always blues skies and sunny you feel so unprepared for any drop of rain.

15. You hear the word “slow” as SLO

San Luis Obispo is way too long to say.

16. Running into horses on a hike is not a surprising experience

You have hiked with horses in Architecture Graveyard

Horse image

Horses at Architecture Graveyard, photo creed: Jackie Abeyta

17. You don’t understand how anyone could survive semesters

Lasting 10 weeks on the quarter system is long enough, how can you last for an entire semester?

18. At 4:20 you can guarantee there is a line out the door at High Street Deli

High Street not only has the best sandwiches in town but also the best deal. $4.20 at 4:20! It keeps the place constantly busy.

19. You have spent many Thursday nights at Farmers Market

Farmers Market is the best place to walk around, get dinner, and try some of the local produce.

20. You have a piece of gum at Bubble Gum Alley

Bubble Gum Alley is exactly what it sounds like, an alley filled with gum on the wall, which is actually kind of gross, but everyone has put a piece of gum there at some point.

21. You talk to someone for a couple minutes and can tell whether they are from NorCal or SoCal

Being on the Central Coast, you get the NorCal vs SoCal debate A LOT and people from anywhere other then NorCal will never understand the word “Hella.”

22. You bundle up in fleeces and scarves in 65 degree weather

You are not accustomed to the freezing weather!

23. You are used to always going into a restaurant since drive thrus are nowhere to be found

Even when you go to Taco Bell at 2am you have to go inside because SLO banned drive thrus.

24. You have hiked Bishops Peak too many times to count

Bishops Peak is the classic SLO hike that you have done at every point of the day: sunrise, daytime, sunset.

Bishops image

Bishops Peak

25. You know where the best Tri Tip sandwich can be found

No one questions that Firestone will always be the best Tri Tip.

26. You can surf, hike and camp all in the same spot!

Every activity you could want to do is within 15 minutes!

27. The Library is not a place to study

You can see people dancing in the window most nights of the week.

28. The real library brings puppies to help relieve stress before finals

When you’ve been in the library studying for hours, what’s a better way to relax then playing with puppies?

29. You forget that there is another Cal Poly

Pomona who?

30. You live in the happiest place in America



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California Polytechnic State University | 8 stories

Hi I'm Sam! I'm a junior at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm a Graphic Communication major with a concentration in Web and Digital Media. I love to travel, hike, go to the beach and scuba dive! I had the opportunity to study abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand this past summer and traveled to Cambodia and Bali after our program. I can't wait to explore more!

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