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33 Signs You Were Born to Study Abroad

33 ways to know if you should be studying abroad next semester.

1. Your favorite books and movies are travel based.

2. You have music in at least five languages on your phone.

3. You loved seeing new places as a kid.

4. You’ve always been adaptable to change.

5. You find yourself scrounging the web for flight deals.

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6. You feel restless staying in one place for too long.

7. You spend hours making a travel Pinterest board.

8. You’re addicted to travel blogs like the College Tourist.

9. The first thing you see on any of your social media homepages involves a different country.

10. Any spare time is spent researching your next travel destination.

11. You find new things more exciting than intimidating.

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12. The airport is your happy place.

13. You’re the first one to run to the ticket counter when your the flight attendant asks for volunteers to stand by and get travel credit.

14. There is at least one map in your room covered in pins marking places you want to go.

15. You find other cultures and languages extremely interesting and exciting.

16. You’ve made friends from all over the world (and plan to make more!).

17. You love your classes, but you’ve always felt like they were missing just a little something (like being set in a different country).

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18. You have the magic ability to shrink an entire closet into one suitcase.

19. Your travel bucketlist has become a travel book because you keep adding more and more places to it.

20. You have a knack for looking at a map once and navigating your way through a city on your first night.

21. You know how to toast to a good night in ten different languages.

22. You can make friends with a stranger in the first 24 hours.

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23. People’s stories about their home country or family life fascinate you.

24. World Geography was your favorite class in high school.

25. The sound of someone speaking another language is music to your ear.

26. You have an unquenchable thirst to understand how the world works.

27. Your favorite words as a child were, “Guess where we’re going?”.

28. It’s easy for you to make friends, but you also have no problem enjoying a nice cup of coffee alone.

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29. You have daydreamed about having another mom in a foreign country making delicious food for you.

30. You’re looking for an exciting way to set yourself apart in the job world.

31. You have no problem turning a new place into a second home for yourself.

32. You organize endless day and weekend trips to try to satisfy the need to travel.

33. You enjoy it when an unexpected revelation opens your eyes to a whole new perspective of the world.

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Do any of these signs describe you? Then don’t wait any longer–see your university’s study abroad office today and start planning how you can join #GenerationStudyAborad for the experience of a lifetime!

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33 signs you were born to Study Abroad

Courtney Van Hoosen

University of Nebraska-Lincoln | 10 stories

Courtney is a current senior studying International Business and French with a Japanese minor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Despite being a Nebraska native, Courtney has dedicated herself to being a global citizen and has visited 15 countries so far. After studying abroad in Angers, France in July 2015 and working as a Public Affairs intern at the U.S. Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium this summer, Courtney hopes to share her stories and travel adventures with her fellow peers.

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