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5 Must Eats in Paris

Restaurants you can’t leave Paris without trying. 

I did not have one bad experience with food while I was abroad. Every restaurant has its’ own charm, its’ own specialty, its’ own reason to come back. The restaurants listed are the some that I would go back to in a heartbeat next time I am back in Paris. Any of these restaurants will provide you with a good time with good food. Enjoy your time abroad and Bon appetite!


In the 8th district of Paris is a restaurant that I frequented quite often. It is an Italian restaurant that can very easily become your new obsession. It has a “formule” where you can get a beverage+starter+entrée or beverage+entrée+dessert for 22 euros. If you don’t like the entrée options on the formule (I recommend the lemon marinated veal) then anything else on the menu will work just fine. Try the lasagna or the gnocchi or the linguine or everything! Trust me, you will not be disappointed by anything you order. Added plus, the menu is in French, Italian and English!

Le Pain Quotidien Saint-Lazare  

A rainy Sunday in Paris is only complete with a brunch spread and a lazy walk around the city. Le Pain Quotidien Saint-Lazare is attached to the Hilton Hotel in the 8th district, but you do not have to stay in the hotel in order to dine here. There are several types of brunch specials that vary in price range. There is a brunch choice for almost every diet. Personally, I went with the brunch that included a bread board, a hard- boiled egg, yogurt and a copious amount of cheese. (While in France, right?) The staff was interactive and as sweet as can be! That rainy Sunday was my favorite Sunday in Paris!


Midore is a chain restaurant that has great deals for students and a perfect grab ‘n’ go vibe. It is the ideal lunch spot. I recommend grabbing a croque monsieur or hot dog and finding a park to relax at. If you aren’t in the mood for anything hot, they have delicious cold sandwiches and salads that are ideal to grab in between classes.

Blue Elephant

This restaurant is located in Bastille. The Thai cuisine is paired perfectly with the interior design. In the middle of the restaurant is a bridge with a pond underneath! The food is delicious and has the right amount of kick! At the end of the night you are in for a little surprise! You will receive this gift as you walk out the door after dinner. I won’t ruin it for you, but it’s adorable!


Le Grand Bistro de Breteuil  

Set aside three to four hours and take your closest friends, preferably an even number of friends to this restaurant. This last request seems odd (pun intended), but trust me, I’ll explain later. This restaurant not only provides the best food I had in France, but an incomparable experience. Mind you, this is a splurge night, so save it for a special night. Now, for 44 euro, you get a starter cocktail, appetizer, entrée, dessert, café and a bottle of wine to split between two people. That’s where the even amount of people comes in! The food was unbelievable and the experience was amazing. My group of 10 stayed from 8:30 until midnight! Small tips to keep in mond for this restaurant: Make a reservation, order the escargo and ask for cracked pepper!

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