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5 Places to Eat and Drink at the University of Alabama

Culture and Food Galore in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is home to The University of Alabama. A moderately sized city with extraordinary charm. Even though it isn’t a large town, the town always has something to do! If the activities offered don’t interest you, then Birmingham, Alabama is only 45 minutes up the road! However, summer events and winter lights will make you think twice about the small town!

During the summer, the heat is almost unbearable. The combination of high humidity and high heat will make you double think the make up and hair you just wasted your time on. Half the town is gone because classes are over, for the most part, and students have gone home! Those who choose to stay can easily find something to do!


DreamLand Bar- B- Que

Best BBQ in town, hands down. Dreamland Bar-B-Que opened it’s doors for the first time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Now, this restaurant is a chain, with several locations over Alabama. And there’s no wonder it became a success! The ribs and white bread are unforgettable! Whenever in Tuscaloosa, make sure to stop by for a meal like no other! Another hot spot for Bar-B-QUe would be Full Moon. There pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni are the best pick me up! If you don’t have time for both, just run through Full Moon’s Drive- Thru for some of the best, and sweetest, Sweet Tea! It’s so addicting, the workers call it crack! (I’m not kidding in the slightest!)

Summer Snow

Summer Snow is a small snow cone shop across from the University. It is absolutely adorable, and a place to just cool down for a second. The small building has no seating except for a couple benches on the side. So if it’s crowded, and it often is, take your Tiger Blood with cream to the Riverwalk and sit on the picnic benches under the shade or on some rocks near the water. These moments of peace will fuel your sanity for a little bit. Keep in the mind that this place only takes cash and is only open during the summer!

The Riverwalk is the perfect place to take your Summer Snow

The Riverwalk is the perfect place to take your Summer Snow



When we talk about The University of Alabama, we talk football. It’s a given. UA holds 16 National Championships in football. So when in Tuscaloosa during GameDay, stop by campus. The atmosphere alone is enough to make you start yelling ‘Roll Tide’ at any stranger. If it’s not football season, the stadium is still a place to behold! The Walk of Champions, which leads to the entrance of the stadium, holds the names of the football players who were on the team for a National Championship. In addition, all the great coaches gave statues on the side! Stop and take a photo op with “Bear” Bryant or Saban! If you have the time, make sure to tour the campus in it’s entirety! It is a gorgeous campus with greenery everywhere! The Quad, in the center of campus, is half trees and half open space. One half for study, and the other for play! Also, on campus visit The Ferg (Ferguson Center). It is a common place for students to meet. The food court, meeting rooms and study areas make up The Ferg. Inside is the Supe Store, so you can pick up your official Alabama gear there! IMG_1541


The Strip is a portion of the University lined with businesses, restaurants and bars. One of the most popular bars on The Strip is Houndstooth. As a 21 and over bar, it tends to be more relaxed and full of locals and students looking to wind down after a full day of work or class. Houndstooth really comes alive after game days or every Thursday night. Thursday night is Bingo night! For no charge, go to the bar and try your luck for gift cards to Panera Bread, Domino’s, Victoria’s Secret or a $50 bar tab. Whenever you choose to go, the atmosphere promises for a good time.


Rounders is a 19 and over bar also located on The Strip. Since the age limit is a little lower, freshman and sophomore students tend to flock to this bar. However, it is one of the only places the dance in Tuscaloosa, so it’s worth it! The building is a couple of floors with several bars. Also, there is a room called the Boom Boom room! This room is tight and crowded, but vibrates with music. It’s a great place to go and dance the night away! If you’re looking for a fun night with a lot of dancing, this is the place to go!


Downtown Tuscaloosa is also home to a couple of great bars. Innisfree is an Irish Pub during the day and a hot spot at night. Once again, Innisfree is a 21 and over bar and casual. With two bars and outside seating, Innisfree is a great place to hang out and meet new people during the summer/ early fall! (Fun Fact: The drinks tend to be on the higher end for alcohol content, so be careful!)

Tuscaloosa is a fun college town that won’t disappoint. So grab some Bar-B-Que and have a relaxed day!


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