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5 Reasons Every College Tourist Should Experience a Barcelona Festival

Get a taste of Spanish culture, experience an amazing festival like Festa De La Tarda.

I had the pleasure of traveling through Spain on my own. It was daunting at first, however overall it was a completely incredible experience. After getting all of the touristy stuff out of the way, I slowly was able to experience some of the rich aspects of Spanish culture. Staying in San Cugat, a small town that is 20 minutes by metro to Barcelona, I was able to engulf myself in some authentic Spanish traditions. I was lucky enough to experience Festa De La Tardor, an Autumn festival that takes place every year in the town of San Cugat.

From the amazing performances, to the incredible food, the festival showcased a different side of Spain that most tourists don’t get to experience. Here are 5 reasons every College Tourist should experience a festival in Barcelona like this.

1) Experiencing Spain beyond the tourism

You’ve seen Sagrada Familia, you’ve climbed to the top of Park Guell, and you’ve witnessed the view from Tibidablo. Now it’s time to actually interact with the people, and take part in cultural traditions. Going to the Festa De La Tardor allowed me to stop feeling like a tourist and experience what the locals do. Spain festival image

2) Exploring a Different Corner of Barcelona 

The festival takes place in the plaza in front of the San Cugat monastery. The monastery is an impeccably crafted cathedral, which more tourists should experience. San Cugat isn’t flooded with tourists like other towns around Barcelona, and has such a community feel to it. It’s a town that is inviting to outsiders, and wants everyone to experience their amazing traditions.

San Cugat monastery image

San Cugat monastery

3) See the Human Towers

One key part of several festivals in Catalan, including the Festa De La Tardor, is the human towers. A group of people come together in these performances to create a tower of people stacking on top of one another. It’s like human pyramids, but so much more impressive. The towers can be as many as three people, up to ten people on top of each other. It’s an amazing sight that you would only experience in Spain. _MG_6134

4) Experience a community of people coming together

At the Festa De La Tardor, you are able to get a taste of Catalan history and see a town come together to create something spectacular. It’s a joint effort to make this fascinating festival. The festival runs for a few days, and different food vendors come to showcase a variety of different Catalan cuisines.


5) See the Devils Parade
Festa De La Tarda ImageThe closing part of the festival happens on the last night with the El Diables. With fire, smoke, gunshots, it looks like a scene from a horror film, but is actually a remarkable time. A parade of devils goes through the streets of San Cugat, drumming and dancing, and putting on a fire show.

Festa da le tarda image

Adults and kids come together for this fire show,  making it a terrifying but mesmerizing experience. If you’re feeling bold, you can dance through the sparklers alongside the devils. Barcelona Festival devils image

Make sure on your next trip to Barcelona you experience an amazing festival like Festa De La Tarda.

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