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5 Reasons why a liberal arts major is the best decision if you love to travel.

Much of the value of any liberal arts major is the way you think and how you explore facets of the human experience – and travel can be a part of that.

Many of us enter college with dreams of being a lawyer, doctor, engineer, unicorn breeder, politician or a plethora of other degree specific jobs. Many of us change that dream after, maybe, a semester of freshman year. And then we change our minds again. And again. And we change our majors along with our minds to try and keep our dreams relevant with our education. Unless you are quite certain of what you want to do with your life, this is an annoying, stressful and impractical process to go through. As an experienced veteran of the indecisive semi-lost college kid life, the best decision I ever made was to get a liberal arts degree (or two in my case). History and English to be specific.

You may have never considered yourself to be specifically passionate about feminist perspectives on 19th century literature! Or The British Monarchy in the War of the Roses! But you may also discover something you didn’t know you loved. In any case, much of the value of any liberal arts major is the way you think of said topic you are studying and how you explore that certain facet of the human experience. I’m assuming most humans would be interested in the human experience. But to convince you further, here are my top 5 reasons to be a liberal arts major:

1. Liberal Arts majors travel. 

Obviously you can travel with any major, but I’ve found that people interested in the liberal arts are interested in the world, the people in it and how we interact with the world we are in. Honestly, the liberal arts are for those with a heart for travel. For those of us who are passionate about travel, and might even want a career that allows us to travel, the liberal arts are the thing to study. It’s studying humanity and the human condition, and finding meaningful ways to interact with our world. Travel is simply a very active way to study the exact same thing.

Bonus:  Study abroad programs and jobs abroad are ridiculously easy and accessible for liberal arts majors. We were made to travel. 🙂

2. You learn about things that interest you outside of the classroom.

Maybe you don’t love every book you read for your English major, or every time period you study for History, but if you do have any semblance of interest for either of these topics, they are things that you can enjoy and pursue outside of the classroom, especially while traveling or on study abroad. It’s fun to go to museums. Reading is great. Writing is a fabulous hobby. The best thing about the liberal arts is that they are all about subjects and topics that are useful and simply fun and pleasurable to keep learning about in your post-college life.

3. You can do anything!!!!!

You would be surprised how many companies want to hire liberal arts majors because they tend to be intelligent, analytical, thoughtful and creative. Not to mention great writers. While there are jobs specific to certain liberal arts degrees, you are studying a specific thing that in turn trains your mind to think about things in a really useful and cool way. That’s why we go to college, right??

4. You aren’t tied down to doing one specific type of job… for all eternity.

On the flip side, a liberal arts degree doesn’t pin you down to a very trade specific job. You’re smart and you have the skills to teach yourself just about anything that you could possibly need to learn for a job you might want. You spend your college years training your mind how to think, and simply enjoying the process of learning. So later in life you may have the opportunity to try a completely new field, perhaps in another country or city all together.  Flexibility is built in.

5. Class is actually cool. The professors are even cooler.

Unlike most other majors, liberal arts classes aren’t just giant lecture halls. Particularly some upper-level division courses have classes where you sit around in a circle and discuss a text/idea in really interesting ways. Basically your class consists of sitting around and talking about something that you actually find interesting in ways where you can express your actual opinions. And in these small discussion classes you get to know your professors really well. Liberal arts professors tend to actually care about their students and what their students have to say and what their students want to do. And what their students want to do with their lives! They’re like voluntary spirit animals that lead you to success!

Jenna Peck

Southern Methodist University | 17 stories

Jenna Peck is a senior majoring in History and English at Southern Methodist University from Long Beach, California. She has studied abroad in Italy, England and has recently returned from a voyage around the world on Semester-at-Sea. She loves to travel and really finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long period of time, but when she does she loves to read, explore the world of the internet, blog and find exciting things to do right at home in Dallas, Texas!

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