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5 Ways to get organized for a new Semester.

Start your college semester with a bounce.

Your just arriving back on Campus, you’ve moved into a new dorm or apartment, it’s a new school year!  Get the most out of your “fresh start” by starting off organized and ready for action.

1. Stay Fit or make plans to get fit: Hopefully summer gave you time to head outdoors and take in some action time, like swimming or hiking. Keep the routine going by joining a sports club on campus or joining the gym to keep those workouts going. If you had that long Internship sitting at a desk, now’s the time to reinvent yourself and make working out part of your daily routine. Grab a friend who has a similar schedule and get a morning jog or walk in. Haven’t got that club you’re after on campus? Create your own and register the club. Brighten up your work out with a pop of color in your work out gear.

2.Get your schedule done now!:  Make a detailed calander for  your wall if you like to see everything in one spot. Put the schedule on your phone or take a screen shot, so you have access to classes if you forget.  Write down important dates and enter in the homework required after the class.   Make sure you have covered some of your requirements and have enough classes to get you those credits. Manage your time and work out what you need for those classes, read the syllabi ahead of time. Make a goals list and look at it daily.  Make an attempt to progress on some part of a goal daily.

3.Make your Dorm room feel cozy:  Days are going to be busy, so make your dorm room a haven for “me time” and a place to relax. Make sure your bedding is comfortable and bring some of your favorite covers or pillows from home. Keep it organized, don’t get it too cluttered.  Arrange your work space and have your clothes and shoes ready for the next day, if you have the time. If you don’t have a common room on your floor, keep a kettle to make some herbal tea or hot chocolate, or a fridge to store a few snacks when your trying to meet that deadline for that paper you have due. Keep it clean by using some disinfectant wipes to dust once in a while. Keep some cedar blocks amongst your clothes and winter coats to keep them fresh.

4. Relationships: You had a wonderful summer fling at home or abroad, now it’s time to focus on work. If you’re in a relationship, enjoy the time you have together, just remember you need to arrange your work load while keeping time for your friends and commitments. Don’t get distracted from the classes you have, these should be your priority while you are at college. Be honest about the demands of a relationship and make it work for you.  Just keep an eye on what’s important to you and your future career.

5.  Internships and Study Abroad: Start looking for those areas that interest you, seek out the career center and guidance counselor for assistance. Search websites like the Intern Queen for available internships and seek out local businesses in your college town for potential positions. Visit your study abroad office to see what programs are available. Create a mood board on your wall with all your wanderlust ideas on it. Pin pictures from magazines to give you inspiration or go to to read about other student travels abroad.

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