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5 Ways to Live in the ‘Now’ After Study Abroad

After studying abroad, everything changes. You want to travel again, explore the world and feel as free as you once were. Home suddenly doesn’t feel like home anymore and you wish you could transport yourself back to your other home.

There are ways to adjust with being home. Everyone has their own ways with dealing with ‘post traumatic travel depression’. Some stay inside and look through pictures of their past journeys, some busy themselves with work and some explore their hometown.

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Explore all the places you’ve always wanted to go and explore all the places that were once important. Hike the mountain in the town over –  it may not have a view of Cliffs of Moher but there may be a terrific photo opportunity of a waterfall! Go back to the places you used to visit when you were in high school, too. Absorb the memories of your adolescences and remember what it was like when you loved being home.


Being busy is a good way to take your mind off of what you miss. Spend time working for your local movie theater or restaurant and maybe babysit the neighbor’s kids. If you like being crafty you can even make your own Etsy! account and sell your favorite pieces of work or try and sell some designs to your local consignment shop. Making money will help you fund your next big adventure and soon you’ll flying all over the globe.



Whether it’s with your childhood best friends, college roommates or siblings you’ve been missed! Everyone has been looking at your Pintrest or Twitter page with envy but now you can tell them about your adventures! It’s also a good way to catch up on how things have changed since you’ve left – not everything stays the same. Take time to get coffee with the college roommate that missed her best friend or go shopping with your little sister. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve missed the people in your life.


The best advice I ever got was to write down your memories. So write them down! Whether you start a blog or a journal, writing your memories will help make sure that you’ll never forget. So many college students have written books or blogs about their study abroad journeys and maybe you’re next! There are also so many websites that allow college students to submit their written work and you can intern as a part time writer for them!


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Whether it’s planning your next great adventure or planning how you’ll survive your senior year of college, planning helps you focus on the future. Knowing that you’re going to London, Paris or maybe Australia next will help your mind focus off what you miss! You can save your money for your next big adventure while also wondering what you want to do next with you life.

Live in the now. You’ve completed an amazing journey but you have another journey ahead of you: don’t be stuck in the past! Look forward and plan for the future. Home is where you are now and it is time to make the best of it!

Alea Gilhuly-Mandel

Richmond, the International University | 7 stories

Currently attending Richmond, the International University in London to finish her Master's Degree in Journalism & Public Relations, Alea considers herself a professional traveler. Follow her on instagram (@aleagilhulymandel) to see where her travels take her, how much coffee she consumes and how many dogs she pets.

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