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6 Local Museums You Should Definitely Visit When in London

When in London, definitely check out the museum scene to learn more about the rich history

London is a rich city, chock full of an incredible history and culture— that has a lot to teach any college tourist. And museums are not to be missed. In London, most museums are free to the public, and definitely worth checking out on your next— or first— journey to London.

British Museum

British Museum image

Home to famous ancient artifacts such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies is one of London’s finest museums, that you must make time for on your first visit to the city. Located in Zone 1 near the Holborn stop, the huge museum, modeled after ancient Greek buildings itself. The iconic museum hosts massive crowds daily just to see the Stone, mummies and even Easter Island sculptures, among others. Early morning attendance is best to avoid the long lines to enter and roam around the different exhibits.

Saatchi Gallery


Home to some of the most unique and contemporary art exhibits, the Saatchi Gallery is not one to gloss over. Home to one major exhibit at a time, the Saatchi Gallery provides an in-depth exploration on a neat topic, such as the Chanel fashion house, the Rolling Stones, contemporary art, and many others. This museum doesn’t seem to attract as many tourists, as I saw many locals yearning to see the exhibits, but I think that’s one of the things that makes it intriguing— you can observe the local life while learning about the country’s culture.

Victoria & Albert Museum


Named after the illustrious monarchs, the museum is more readily known as the V and A to all the locals. Here you can see art, furniture, sculpture and textiles on display— it’s such an all-encompassing huge museum, that there’s no way to make through every floor in one sitting.

Science Museum and Natural History Museum

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Venture to South Kensington to see the fascinating and interactive science and history exhibits on display on Museum Mile road. While at first mention, these might seem childish, as soon as you step foot in the large museums, you are overwhelmed the sheer amount of knowledge before you and end up learning a ton more about history and scientific discoveries.

The History Museum

The History Museum focuses on all aspects of nature, including replicas of a dinosaur skeleton. Then, the Science Museum informs visitors with interactive exhibits about energy, technologies and more. Truly fascinating and engaging.

National Gallery


Centrally located in Trafalgar Square is the National Gallery. It’s so large, even the map had me confused. But this museum offers so many of the world’s most famous paintings and art exhibits that’s truly a breathtaking sight to see. Again, this museum is so large, that it’s almost impossible make through every wing in one attendance period. Some of the greatest artists have their works on display here, such as the acclaimed iconic sunflower painting by Vincent van Gogh, and other classics from Renoir, da Vinci and Michelangelo.

There are way more than six museums for the entire city of London, and they are all incredibly unique, and most of them free. London is chock full of free museums that can teach you a little more about the rich history of such a magnificent city— it would be shame to skip over some truly exceptional exhibitions of culture while on your trip abroad.

Must-See Museums in London

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