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6 Ways to Cope With Being Home After Studying Abroad

It’s easy to get down in the dumps after spending an amazing semester abroad, but its even easier to overcome that feeling.

After you’ve been home from your study abroad experience for a while, and friends of yours leave for their semester abroad, it’s easy to get into a slump. This slump is characterized by constantly reminiscing. Looking at pictures, talking with friends you were abroad with or talking about it to others who weren’t abroad and wish you would just talk about something else. It’s this bored feeling that won’t seem to go away. A semester abroad is full of adventure and new experiences. It is jam packed with activities and food and fun. Being back at school or home can’t and doesn’t always live up to that semester, and it is very easy to let that take over. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this feeling. Here are some tips to cope with being home from studying abroad.

Stay adventurous

Explore your college city, and be a tourist whenever you can. As study abroad students, we were constantly exploring and learning about new cultures and cities. Think about what you might know about where you go to school. Think about what you might not know or haven’t experienced yet. Get out there and do it!

Another great way to stay adventurous is to visit friends at their schools. Plan weekend trips to schools for football games in the fall or to a warmer destination when it’s cold. Go home with a friend for the weekend or for a holiday. There are so many ways to keep travelling!

Get involved in your study abroad program

If your study abroad program is through your college or university, see if there are any internship opportunities now that you’re back. Get in the office and help promote the program around campus. You’ve got the personal experience now, and that is what people thinking about going abroad want to know. Use what you have to stay involved!

Talk to your friends that are abroad

If you have friends that are now studying abroad, either in your program or a different one, talk to them! Figure out where they want to travel – maybe you’ve been there. Suggest hostels or restaurants that they can’t miss. Give them advice on which airlines to take or which cities to visit. Think about what you knew when you got there: probably not much. Offer up what you can to help make their experience as good as, if not better, than your own.

Save up to travel again

Having studied abroad should be more than enough motivation for you to want to go back. As college students, we don’t typically have the funds to put aside a ton of savings, but do what you can to get yourself back across the pond. Put aside a few dollars from every paycheck or extra cash from your parents, and before you know it you’ll have a plane ticket in your bank account.

Keep up with world news and current events

Paying attention to what is going on in the world around you is a great way to get over not being abroad. While you were abroad you had the opportunity to learn and experience so many new things. Keep the learning going, because it is part of what makes being abroad so special. Reading and paying attention to the news will make you a worldlier and more aware person in general, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that.

Keep your host country in your life

Decorating your room with pictures and souvenirs from your travels is a great way to keep the memories flowing.

Decorating your room with pictures and souvenirs from your travels is a great way to keep the memories flowing.

A great way to keep your study abroad home in your life is to put up pictures or decorate your room with souvenirs from your abroad experience. Being reminded of all the good times and beautiful places will make you happy. It is important to remember your home away from home in a good light. It’s easy to love the country you lived in, but it is also easy to let it slip into the background. Keep up with the language, keep images and aspects of the culture in your daily life and routine, try cooking their food, and most importantly, work to go back.


Try cooking foods unique to your study abroad home.

Hannah McIntyre

Spring Hill College | 19 stories

My name is Hannah McIntyre and I am a senior at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala studying public relations, advertising and writing. During the fall semester of my junior year, I studied abroad at the Spring Hill College Italy Center at the University of Bologna in Italy. While there, I travelled to 11 countries and 21+ cities. Being abroad taught me so much about myself and prepared me for life in ways I didn't even know I needed.

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